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How to Write Fast with Good Hand Writing | Exams tips for students

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How to Write Fast with Good Hand Writing | Exams tips for students

The topic we are going to address today is the most demanded. Many students complain that their handwriting is good; they have proper subject knowledge but they fail to finish their exams on time. That’s why they have to do something to their writing speed. So as our professional's experience we are going to show some techniques through which you can increase your handwriting speed.


The Tool Used For Writing


The initial and most important things are the tool used for writing. Try using a lightweight pen that will help you to write effortlessly. Additionally use the same pen for practice and even during your exams. Try not to put the cap at the bottom of your pen. We don’t want any additional weight on our pen. Secondly, we have to train our fingers and hand muscle to write fast.


How Can We Train Our Hand Muscle?


Thinks how can any athlete train and achieve their running speed. Yes of course it is by practicing that they train their body according to their sports need and also build their stamina to run fast. The same logic applies here as well, precise the simple and effective answer.


Copy a Written Part


Try to copy a written part of any of your reference book or material and write them, but time yourself. Suppose that you need 5 minutes to fill that page at your normal speed. Next time write the same thing again and increase your speed, check whether you can finish that in a lesser time or not. Each time try reducing the time until you get a constant timing that will give your desired speed. Moreover, you can take small breaks in between your English Literature assignment writing service practice, but make it a habit to continuously write for two to three hours because that is generally the duration of our exams. Make sure during exams we can’t simply copy write your answer, you have to be thorough with your content knowledge, so you don’t waste time thinking.


  • Plan the flow of the answer in your mind
  • Solve some previous year's question papers, or write any answer which you just study.
  • Dictate certain parts and match up to their speed


Take Care of Your Grip and Pressure


Make sure that always take care of your grip and pressure while writing. If you hold your pen too tightly and apply access pressure, you are wasting your energy there. Use a soft grip and normal pressure as it will help us to write longer and reduce fatigue and muscle cramp. 

Initially focus on achieving the speed and then jump to improve your presentation part. But don’t spoil your handwriting for the speed, try to create legible handwriting. Create balance in your speed as well your handwriting. Additionally, check the size of your letters, don’t make out too big or too small that your teacher will easy to read and understand your view. 

Try Warm-Up Exercises


Apart from all these points, you should take care of your blood circulation in your hand while practicing your writing. You can get small balls made up of foam available in the market, just squeeze it and relax, try 4-5 times for a better result. By doing these exercises, you are training your hand and finger muscles and this will help you to write longer with efficiency without any error. 


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