Top 4 Tips On How To Maintain Goalkeeper Gloves

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Goalkeeper gloves might be great at protecting and providing a good grip for goalkeepers but they aren’t very breathable and their design doesn’t favor airflow. If you’re not careful, it won’t take long for them to start smelling because of all the sweat trapped inside. Hence, it is suggested that you must wash your soccer gloves regularly to prevent bad odors and use them for a long time. However, there are other maintenance tips that you can follow which are mentioned below.

Try to keep them clean

The most obvious and challenging task is to keep your goalkeeper gloves clean. These gloves start to lose their grip as they get dirty after a match or a training session. If too much grime is gathered on their surface, the latex starts to wear out and it will affect your performance as a goalkeeper. Another reason to keep your gloves clean is sweat. As soccer is an energetic sport, even the goalkeeper sweats a lot and it damages the gloves.

Keep an extra pair

Maintaining a single pair of gloves can be difficult, so you must buy an extra pair. You can use the good quality one for your matches and one that is cheap for your training sessions. Using the same pair every time you're out to play or train will make the goalie gloves lose their efficiency. You will be able to use two pairs of gloves for a long time and wash them according to their use.

Don’t wash them in the washing machine

It's important to take proper care of your protective gloves because the more you use them, the dirtier they get. Dirt, dust, and sweat all together can typically accumulate quite quickly, so it might be tempting just to shove them into the washing machine after each set is completed. However, doing so will merely make it appear that they've been sterilized and bleached but in reality, it has caused some serious damage that remains almost invisible until you've used them again later on. So, you must wash them with your hands by wiping the dirt off and using some light soap that is not harmful to the material.

Let them dry first 

When you feel like your gloves are too wet because of the sweat, instead of washing them directly, you must let them dry completely. Don't use a hairdryer or don't put them in direct sunlight, as it will make their condition worse. Just put your gloves in shade by keeping them upside down to get rid of all that excessive moisture.

So, keeping these tips in mind will help you use your gloves for a long time. If you are a goalkeeper and need some good quality soccer gloves, you can buy a pair from “Soccer Corner”. They provide all necessary soccer equipment and accessories. From soccer balls to shin guards, they have everything available at their online store that you can access by visiting https://soccercorner.com.

Angelo’s Soccer Corner
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