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How to Turn Off Spotify Ad Blocker?

How to Turn Off Spotify Ad Blocker?

Spotify is one of the most popular online music services in the world, with a massive library of songs and podcasts to listen to. You may make playlists, add songs to your personal library, and discover new music using Spotify, which carefully selects and recommends new music for you. Even better, a free subscription gives you access to millions of music without cost. However, we are all aware that free online entertainment comes at a cost, and Spotify ad blocker is no exception.

Visual and audio advertisements are both present in a free Spotify account. Audio commercials can utterly ruin your listening experience, whereas visual adverts may not be as irritating when streaming music. When you’re hosting a party or social event, 30-second commercials interrupt your playlists, which isn’t a good look.

Is it feasible to prevent adverts on Spotify in some way? That is a difficult question to answer. There are a few workarounds, but each one comes with a caveat.

They’re right here.

While listening to Spotify, use a VPN.

This will work on all devices, including mobile and desktop, but it will not fully eliminate ads. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to let you choose a server in a nation with fewer advertisements, or simply choose a country whose language you don’t understand.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a VPN, seek one that adds value, such as Clario. It includes an ad blocker, anti-tracker, and real-time malware protection in addition to an easy-to-use limitless VPN. As a result, you will save time and effort by not having to install many apps for different tasks.

  • Get a free 7-day trial of Clario by downloading it.
  • Take pleasure in your worry-free browsing.

Ads in Hungarian are likely to be less prominent and thus less irritating. When using a VPN, you may encounter “side effects” such as a slower connection or the opening of web pages in an unfamiliar language.

Make use of music converters.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, for example, allows you to convert Spotify tracks, download them in a handy format, and remove adverts as a bonus. The bad news is that you can’t just listen to music without ads because you have to choose and convert the songs first. Furthermore, good apps are typically expensive and may be incompatible with mobile devices.

On your Mac, change the proxy settings.

This is similar to how a VPN works. If you use a proxy server in a nation where Spotify ad isn’t yet available, Spotify will believe you’re streaming from that place and won’t annoy you with adverts. This strategy appears to be simple on the surface, yet it is complex in a number of ways.

To begin, you must first learn how to update your settings properly, which can be a time-consuming procedure. Second, proxy servers can be unreliable, and you’ll have to be extremely lucky to find one that works on the first try. Third, while the proxy is active, you may encounter connection problems, such as pages taking too long to load, appearing in a language you don’t understand, or failing to open at all.


In 2021, here’s how to block Spotify ads.

How can I turn off ads on Spotify?

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