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How and Why Did You Quit Alcohol?

Sara Nez
How and Why Did You Quit Alcohol?

Do you know drinking too much alcohol has a devastating effect on the mind and body? It not only interrupts the body's normal functioning but can lead to the brain shut down. It affects your thinking ability; you can make the wrong decision while drunk and put yourself in trouble.

Alcohol use disorder is the number one killer across the globe, taking a toll on the young generation. More and more youths are developing this habit. It is essential to save the livelihood of many, so if you notice your loved one into alcohol use disorder, counsel them for the proper treatment as soon as possible.

How does alcohol affect the brain?

Alcohol alters brain chemicals. It is the depressant that changes your mood, thinking pattern, and behavior. You may feel relaxed for some time after drinking alcohol, but that feeling is for a short duration.

Alcohol triggers anxiety and depression. Long-term use hurts the mind. Your body develops a dependency on alcohol, and over time you will start more consumption to relax the mind.

During a hangover, you can have anxiety episodes. But if you already have anxiety problems, the symptoms worsen. Moreover, you can develop suicidal tendencies or have the urge to self-harm.

Alcohol blackouts personality changes are common for people with alcohol use disorder. During this phase, you make a conversation or decide, but you will not remember anything.

Alcohol blackout personality change is a borderline personality disorder that tends to bring the feeling of shame and remorse. You will feel afraid of being people judgmental towards you.  

How does alcohol affect the body?

Alcohol is the silent killer as, over time, you will develop many chronic illnesses. You tend to ignore symptoms that your body tells you because you are highly intoxicated due to alcohol consumption.

Heart Disease 

Why do people get sudden heart attacks? You may not get symptoms of heart disease and can get a sudden attack. The reason is too much alcohol can increase the blood pressure and heart rate, and your heart stops pumping blood effectively.

It also raises the LDL cholesterol level, though one study revealed that drinking in moderation helps healthy the heart. But drinking beyond tolerance is lethal. It blocks the arteries and veins.


Alcohol is the only liquid that is highly diuretic, which means that it produces more urine than any other liquid.

After drinking alcohol, you will urinate more, leading to dehydration, and excess of it can lead to brain damage and many organ failures.

Liver Disease

Yet another life-threatening disease is fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Alcohol can damage the liver tissue leaving it to damage permanently. Cirrhosis is a late-stage problem that increases inflammation and interrupts the normal functioning of the liver. It results in death.


Cancer is again a life-threatening disease, and alcohol consumption can lead to various cancers like oral, breast, bowel, and liver cancer. Heavy drinkers can also develop throat and voice box cancer.

There are many other diseases that excessive alcohol consumption can cause. The high probability of accidents and indulging in risky activities are also the side effects of alcoholism. So, think many times before consuming alcohol more than the standard limit as your loved one may be eagerly waiting for you.

Alcohol Poisoning

In case of alcohol poisoning, you may need immediate hospitalization as it may be life-threatening, and if ignored, it can lead to death.

It stops the normal functioning of your body. Your body temperature and blood sugar can reduce drastically. Also, in case of a significant dehydration problem, you may need a hospital stay.

There are cases where people have inhaled their vomit during intoxication, resulting in choking of lungs, making it hard to breathe.


Alcohol is fatal for overall well-being. It can lead to termination from a job, problems with relations, especially between spouses, financial trouble, and above all, it raises the chance of mental health disorder.

Seeking the treatment at the right time is the only solution to the problem. If you are a heavy drinker, do not try to stop drinking without supervision as you may have withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms are not manageable at home.

Sara Nez
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