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Sup—the free standup bot for Slack

Sup—the free standup bot for Slack

The current pandemic has made way for the emergence of the Work-from-home system. Even 5 years back an extensive WFH environment was a distant dream. Even the technological infrastructure wasn't scaled enough to support such a change. Now, it is not just possible, but happening!

Did you know?

  • 71% of Americans are working from home.
  • 66% of remote workers in the US are full-time workers.
  • A study revealed, 86% of home office workers feel motivated.
  • By 2028 73% of US firms plan to offer Work-from-home.

Almost every statistic indicates that we are heading for heavy reliability on the Work-from-home setup. And what has made it possible is the technological development in the field of Software-as-a-service.

Platforms like Slack have helped turn the worldwide WFH culture into a productive and plausible alternative. Slack makes business communication smooth, to maintain a productive workflow. Without platforms like Slack businesses would fail to implement mass scale Work-from-home, and their entire workflow would crumble.

What makes Slack a novelty?

An online platform helping businesses to maintain communication is not an entirely new idea. Yet, what makes Slack a Novelty platform? Slack allows its users to build Slack applications that can be purchased and used by other Slack users. Which has naturally encouraged users to develop different Slack applications, specific to different business communication purposes.

Given the wide user base of Slack, there is probably a dedicated application for every business communication need you can think of. So what makes Slack a Novelty, is that it has practically all the apps required for seamless business communication. One such app that makes business communication easy on Slack is the Sup bot.

Sup! The standup/follow-up bot

Business communication is incomplete without the much-needed daily scrums. Daily scrums discuss the agenda of the day and plan the tasks for the day. Without the daily scrum, it would be really hard to stick to the planned workflow.

The Sup bot is designed and developed to automate Daily Standups and Follow-ups. The bot conducts standups by asking customizable questions to users. Users can respond asynchronously from Slack. Obviously, this process is completely automated and repeats on chosen days and times.

The standup questions are completely customizable, and can be saved into multiple templates. The aspect of customization is pretty neat, considering how different businesses need to address different issues in their standups.

The bot does a good job at scheduling follow-ups as well. The Sup bot can ask questions specific to the pre-conducted standup, evaluating the progress for the day. The bot can be used to schedule multiple follow-ups throughout the day, target different Slack channels through different Follow-ups, customize questions for different Follow-ups, and persistently notify the users of a scheduled follow-up.

The Sup bot provides an interface enriched with functionalities. The bot provides a web-based dashboard and maintains a history of all user responses. The web-based Sup dashboard can also be used to filter user responses and find a response specific to date and user.

On the management end, the bot facilitates reporting. All the user responses are collected and stored as data by the bot. These data can be analyzed to generate reports, Ex - timesheets. The bot also allows you to export the responses into a CSV file.

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Sup bot is free!

Unlike a few reputed and expensive standup bots on Slack, Sup is free. This bot ensures an online (and asynchronous) standup/follow-up process, that excels at overcoming the challenges of remote working. No additional cost with tons of additional benefits.

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