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Data Analysis made simple by Draxlr


What makes online businesses such a hit? Data analysis does! Data science has been a terrific innovation for scaling online businesses. One might say the efficacy of data science has encouraged businesses to shift their predominant focus to online platforms, from the earlier physical storefronts.

Data analysis, with its technical complexities, is often considered the domain of IT professionals. Figuring a sense out of a seemingly never-ending database can be daunting to many. But consider how strongly it impacts all the existing businesses! Don't you think all business professionals should be able to sink their teeth into the data analysis? Well, not sure about other platforms, but Draxlr believes so!

Draxlr, for all professionals!

Draxlr is a cloud-based data analysis platform, supporting powerful functionalities to yield productive business insights. Its tools are simple, yet effective—a rare combination in data analysis.

The platform is comprehensive enough to analyze a variety of data. And the interface is lucid enough for non-IT professionals to get a quick handle on the platform.

Draxlr as a platform is perfectly secure, with all the appropriate encryptions. It doesn't store data, it doesn't track user activity. As far as compatibility is concerned it supports both PostgreSQL and MySQL, as well as, being available as an add-on in Heroku elements. Clearly, Draxlr aims to serve a diverse range of professionals.

Data analysis on Draxlr

When you analyze data on Draxlr, you don't need to write SQL queries. You get a set of five unique data query tools--Filter, Join, Sort, Summarize and Group By. These tools can be controlled using regular user friendly interfaces, like buttons, value input boxes, and drop down menus.

The data analysis tools provide you with a wide range of actions. Actions like, putting aside irrelevant data, putting the data in order (ascending, descending or alphabetical,) merging data from two different tables, performing summarizing functions (addition, counting, average, and such,) and relating the values of different columns against each other.

Learn more about building dashboards for SQL database.

Data Visualization on Draxlr

An average human mind responds better to a visual image, than it does to numbers and texts. An appropriate visual establishes a clear cognitive process that accounts for an effective insight. In short, Data visualized—yields better insights—than data read.

On Draxlr you are just one click away from converting your tabular analysis to visual analysis. Quick data visualization buttons can change your tabular analysis to bar graphs, line graphs, percentage distributors, and pie charts.

Data monitoring on Draxlr

As important as it is to build an appropriate analysis, you will also need to keep track of it over time. To make relevant business decisions, you must keep regular tab on the Key Performance Indicators.

In a data-driven world, it is believed that data can narrate a story. In context to your business, the right set of analyses can narrate the story of your business's performance.

Draxlr features a dashboard to help you monitor your data and set a narrative. Dashboards can hold vital information, in the form of a digital visual card. Draxlr also has the option of multiple dashboards, that can help the users to establish different reports through different dashboards.

Now, over time new data will accumulate, which means the existing analyses on the dashboards will need updating. Draxlr lets the users manually update data or set a predefined auto-update frequency. What's better is the alert system synchronized with the updating. Every time the data on the dashboard changes, Draxlr sends the user an email notification. This feature truly accentuates the data monitoring benefit with Draxlr.

Draxlr excels at customer support

Keeping the technicalities aside, a good service needs good customer support, and Draxlr thoroughly excels at it. Almost anyone interested in Draxlr can reach at Draxlr-Support and book a free web conference for tech support. Better yet, the paid users get free step-by-step guidance on how to build queries and manage dashboards. So if you plan to invest in Draxlr, it is safe to assume you will get your money's worth!

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