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Best 15 Flyer Backgrounds and Design Tips

Best 15 Flyer Backgrounds and Design Tips

A flyer background image is critical to a design that is eye-catching. The image needs to grab the attention of the reader before the copy even begins.

Stock photo backgrounds are not appropriate for flyers. The following flyer background images have been pulled together to inspire you. Here are a few tips about how to make your own amazing flyers using a flyer maker. To get inspired and start designing, you can also take a look at our flyer templates.

1. Background Image of a City Skyline

What are your biggest ideas and opportunities? Your flyer design can be made more striking with views like the NYC skyline. As a matter of fact, the NYC skyline is easily recognizable.

Consider using contrasting colors when you are working with a greyscale background, like this one. Take a look at the flyer below and observe how strongly the blue accents contrast with the grey background:

2. Image For a Boardroom Flyer

Corporations have a tendency to turn people off immediately with their background images. There are exceptions to every rule, however. Your method of incorporating the background image into your design is vital. How effective the overall design is will be determined by the page layout, accent colors, and fonts.

As an example, the stock photo is used in the header of the flyer for business template. By using gold lettering, the minimalist design is balanced out by the warm colors of the photo.

3. Background for a Leaf Flyer in Color

A second way to include horizontal image backgrounds in your flyer design: Use the image as a header and footer.

4. Desktop Flyer Background Yellow

Choosing colors that contrast one another is always a good idea. Choose bright, light colors for the flyer background and dark colors for the text. Dark fonts on a light background are effective, as are light fonts on a dark background.

The contrast in a design can make it appear sleek and modern. Below is an example of a flyer that looks impressive. 

5. Background Image for Glittering Pink Flyers

You might consider an abstract background for your flyer so that your text really stands out. If that's your preferred option, check out the image below. Text, as well as a few small images, can easily be placed with the gradient from light to dark at the top.

6. Background Image for Party Flyers

You should select a background image for your party flyer that appeals to the emotions of your audience when choosing it. You may be designing a flyer to promote a networking event.

7. Images for Real Estate Flyers

Real estate can be marketed online in many ways. The earliest way is with flyers. Even those who can't afford to buy real estate enjoy flipping through it. We've made flipping through real estate flyers even more enjoyable with our app.

Stunning exteriors and rooms in the background of your property can attract buyers. By layering photos in image frames, you can make your property appear more engaging to buyers.

8. Images for Poolside Flyers

A bright blue pool is the epitome of summer. Blue and orange-yellow make up this sunny flyer background. 

Since it has lots of white space, you have plenty of opportunity to place text and icons on it. It uses contrasting font colors, white and black, for the event title and takes the simple route.

9. Image of a Blue Skyscraper for a Flyer

Find a background for your flyer that stands out when searching for stock images. The right colors, a unique perspective, and a bold color scheme can make an image stand out. The background of this flyer demonstrates these traits.

You are drawn to the image's center by the unusual perspective. This image provides enough space for your text to be centered in the center of it.

10. Background Image for an Image Collage Flyer

It is possible for your flyer to contain multiple images. Frames are a good choice for this. Images of varying sizes can be integrated seamlessly into different frames with image frames.

11. Background Image for Pizza Flyer

Food pictures are always fun to look at, aren't they? I have never seen anyone else do this.

Choose a flyer background image of a delicious meal to make people stop and stare. Check the lighting and contrast of food photographs if you're looking to buy them. Freshness, color, and readiness should all be evident in your food photography.

12. Background Image For Orange Sunset Flyer

Flyers promoting self-care and relaxation events would benefit from using this peaceful sunset background image. This image feels balanced due to the horizontal separation between the orange sky and the green meadow.

To make your information seem more prominent on such a busy image, you may want to use a color filter text box.

13. Image of a Snow Falling Flyer

Dark color palettes are often advised against in design guides for marketing collateral. Dark colors are often associated with negative emotions due to color psychology.

There are exceptions to this, though. Bright, light colors should be used to contrast dark colors. In addition, a photo showing a smiling person can drastically change the mood of a somber color scheme. 

14. Background Image for Minimalist Desk Flyers

White space is again evident in this flyer background. This stock photo is clearly intended to be used for banners, flyers, and posters.

15. Background Image for the Orange Leaf Flyer

When images of nature are seen, people often feel calm. Despite the simple scene in this image, the upright position of the leaves makes for a strong visual impact. Isn't it interesting how the leaves move?

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