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Moss - The Perfect Staple For Cleaning Wet, Moist Areas

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Moss - The Perfect Staple For Cleaning Wet, Moist Areas

Do the mere thoughts of the West Nile virus make you cringe? Perhaps you stay indoors from those wet swampy areas trying to avoid those pesky mosquitoes? We have a solution:

The Benefits of Moss In the Environment

Moss is the oldest living organism known to man. Its ability to clean stagnant ground is its main objective for some using in in their gardens. Especially where shade and moisture abound. Moss has spores, they pull toxins from the air and when planted in wetland areas, it's especially beneficial in cleaning up pollution from water.

There are 3 Major Types of Moss That is Effective In Cleaning The Air

Carpet Moss - This type of moss is great to use n moist areas around swings, on playgrounds, or between stepping stones. It is emerald green in color and stays lush and green year-round. It's durable and can be planted in a lawn for a mossy yard also.

Carpet Moss  grows best on decaying wood in moist environments like older sections of woods or shade gardens.

Sheet Moss- It's often called "the durable of all mosses" because of its ability to retain high levels of moisture while also spreading very rapidly. It works well when used in landscaping also and traffic does not harm it when it's used for areas of high traffic.

Sheet Moss  grows in a pattern in a non-vascular system. This plant is perfect for a cushion, and it feels like a carpet.

Peat Moss- The is the "boss" of all mosses and it also not only cleans the air but it holds stagnant particles in its spores and produces fresh oxygen where it's transplanted. This type of moss is also used as a swamp filler to rid insects, mosquitoes, and other pests that thrive in decayed, wet stale areas.

Sphagnum Moss vs Peat Moss | Balcony Garden Web

Moss is sold in sheets and pads. Below is a list of nurseries that sells moss. All these nurseries harvest their mosses and ship them fresh.

Tn Nursery

Online Plant Nursery

Wholesale Nursery Co

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Garden Plants Nursery

Tn Nursery
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