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How to Train a Monstera Deliciosa on a Moss Pole?

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How to Train a Monstera Deliciosa on a Moss Pole?

After bringing your Monstera delicious home You've probably observed a few things about this stunning plant. The leaves are absolutely amazing. The second reason is that it's growing rapidly. M. Deliciosa, the thirdly, is completely unaware of personal boundaries that are healthy. If this beautiful beast of a houseplant is taking over your space there's an option to help it: provide it with a moss totem for it to hold. We'll show you How to Train A Monstera on a Moss Totem Pole.

What's the significance of is there a Moss Totem?

M. Deliciosa is a natural walker in its natural habitat that clings to and draws moistness from the bark of huge rainforest trees, thanks to its sturdy aerial roots. A moss totem is an upright pole covered with sphagnum moss which is directly inserted into the pot of the plant. The natural surface of a monstera provides something that its roots can hold onto and absorb water from, similar to an artificial tree. Although a typical wire trellis or plant stake can support those massive stems and leaves, a moss-totem allows M. Deliciosa to behave more naturally.

What You'll Need

With only a few items making a monstera and moss pole is simple:

Your terrarium monstera

A ready-made moss-totem

The soft tie-ups made of plant material, yarn or cotton string are great for making soft tie.

The new pot is about 1-2" bigger than the old one, and high-quality soil for potting plants in the house, should repotting be necessary.

Mosser Lee's Totem PoleTM Extendable Plant Supports are great for moss totems. The natural-looking, tube-like supports are stuffed with moisture-absorbing Sphagnum moss with long fibers. They are available in three lengths with an additional 12" extension that can be added when your totem grows bigger.

The Beginning

To answer how to use moss pole for monstera, first you need to soak the moss totem in a shallow pot with water until it is completely wet.

While the moss is soaking, inspect your plant to see whether it needs to be repotted before adding the totem. It is possible to install the moss-totem without having to repotte your M. Deliciciosa if it's in a sufficient container that the roots don't seem overly dense. But, if your plant is in need of repotte, now is the perfect moment to begin with the brand new totem.

If your monstera has to be repotted, start by removing it from its old container and inspecting the roots - tease the roots a little if they're tightly packed. Repot the plant into the new pot with fresh soil as usual, but instead of placing it in the centre, move it to the front of the pot. With the majority of the foliage facing outward, the moss totem can fit behind the plant.

Totem Installation

Stick the solid metal supports at the bottom of the moistened moss pole deep into the soil after the plant and pot are ready. Maintain a modest distance between the pole and the plant. To stabilise the totem, gently press the earth at the base.

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Using the Plant to Attach to the Pole

It's now time to present your plant with its new totem. Some of the stems on your monstera may be longer and more strong than others. Several huge leaves are supported by these thicker stems, which may also have a few knob-like aerial roots emerging. TThe stems can also grow horizontally before spreading across the pot in the manner of the vine. These stems are connected to the totem, leaving the less slender leaves and leaf stalks to grow around in the lower.

Take a stem and place it on top of the moistened moss. Then hold it gently but firmly by using a soft tie, twine, or cotton string to help it to attach to the totem. In the event that the stem happens to be very long, secure it by tying it onto the totem at various places. Rep with any other large stems, then take a step back to make sure the plant's overall shape is to your liking. Your M. deliciosa will eventually adhere itself to the moss with its aerial roots and develop upward on this new support.

Care Instructions

Taking care of a monstera on a totem is the same as taking care of one without — with one exception. Mist the moss every now and then to keep your monstera interested in its new home; if the plant finds moisture in the moss, the roots will continue to grow into it.

Allow the top inch or two of soil to dry out between waterings, check that the container drains effectively, and set your plant where it will receive plenty of bright, indirect light. And, if your roaming plant leans one way or the other as it seeks the best source of light, make sure to rotate it every now and then to keep things balanced.

Some plants simply require some direction

Monstera isn't the only houseplant that benefits from some patience management. A moss totem can also be used with other monstera species, such as M. adansonii, as well as philodendrons like 'Prince of Orange' and 'Pink Princess.' Simply ask if you have any queries about how to manage any of your "wandering" plant pals. We're always happy to assist.

It’s all about How to Train A Monstera on a Moss Totem Pole, if you want to find out more information about Monstera Plant, please visit DIG Nursery.

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