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Effective Ways to Keep Lizards Away from Home

Monali Swain
Effective Ways to Keep Lizards Away from Home

Lizards are a real nuisance. Many people have several superstitious ideas attached to them, so try to keep them out of sight. They are good for the ecosystem, but how many do we want them at their house? Not many, I guess. If you leave them unchecked, soon there will be a lot of many scurrying around the house, making you uncomfortable.

There have been many instances where people find baby lizards running in their kitchen, finding dead baby lizards in the crevices, on the food, etc. It is evident that having lizards at home can make people cringe. But the important part is that what you do to keep them away. People look for a variety of remedies to help them keep lizard infestation at bay, on the internet. They also try different kinds of ideas for the same reason. So, what are the different things, found in your house to get rid of lizard infestation effectively?

If you are up for simple tricks straight from the grandma’s book that will help you keep not just the lizards but other pests away too. Have a look at some of the easiest ways to control the lizards coming into the house.

Simple Tricks to Keep Lizards Away

Using Empty Eggshells

Yes, it is as simple as keeping eggshells around to lizards away. But it is easier said than done. Having empty eggshells all over the place may not be every man’s idea of keeping the lizards away. But when you have a house full of lizards, then you may be forced to resort to all sorts of things. Eggshells give out a pungent smell which makes lizards sick. They feel nauseous so, they try to keep out of their way. The size of the egg also scares them away.

There is a specific way to use the eggshells. After using an egg, wipe them off with a tissue clearly and then place it in the areas where the lizards frequent. As soon as you place them there, the lizards will leave the place for good. 

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can be lethal to humans, and so it can be harsh on the lizards as well. You can purchase one from the stores or prepare one at home. For preparing your own DIY pepper spray, you need pepper powder and water. Mix these two well and then use a spray bottle to hold this solution. Spray this solution on the lizards or the areas where they frequent. This can scare these pests away for good. This solution can irritate lizards, scaring them away from your house.

Onion and Garlic

The pungent smell of garlic and onion is used to keep a lot of pests away. This has been used by many people, and quite effectively at that. Just keep peeled garlic and cut onions in the corners to keep the lizards away. The pungent smell may irritate you, but you must keep it going for a few days to make them stay away. After 2-3 days, you will notice their activity lessen and then completely fade away.


Coffee itself is effective to keep certain pests away, but when you are dealing with the lizards, you need to use it with the tobacco. Prepare small balls using tobacco with coffee. You can keep these balls in the corners of the house. This is harmful to lizards and so try to stay away. When they come in their presence, they may either die or run away from the house. This is a simple technique, you can just do it for fun and see how the lizards in your house react to this and behave.

Cold Water

Lizards, reptiles, like to stay in the warm weather and can be often found in warm places. If you want to see them running away, then splash a dash of cold water. This leaves them paralyzed for quite some time. And in that time, you can remove them from the premises for good. So, next time to take care of them, try this cold-water therapy on them.

Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls have been used in various households to ward off pests. But they are also effective in keeping lizards away as well. Place naphthalene balls in the cabinets, corners, cupboards, shelves, or any such area where they may come. The strong smell of the balls can cause irritation to the lizards, and they run away from those places. Take care while placing these balls as they can be taken by the pets and kids. As this could be lethal to make sure you place them smartly inside the house.

Tobacco Soy Sauce

The market is full of products that can help you deal with the lizards effectively. One of them is the tobacco sauce spray, which is a fantastic product in taking these pests out. You can prepare one at home as well. Just add a teaspoon of tobacco sauce to one-eighth of soap gel. To this add a half cup of apple cider vinegar. Put the solution in the spray bottle and spray it all along the walls and places where the lizards visit.

Phenyl Tablets

Phenyl tablets are easily available in the market and if you have lizards at home, you can get these tablets to help you out. In the case of lizard infestation, place phenyl tablets where these pests come often. They do not like the smell and so these crawlers run away from the house. Try not to place them near the doors or windows if you have lizards at home. This will prevent them from going out of the outlets.

Lemon Grass

Till now, you may have understood that the strong-smelling agents are not the lizards’ cup of tea. So, lemon grass is another good thing to keep lizards away. Have lemongrass essential oil at home, then put it to good use. Dip cotton balls in the lemongrass essential oil and then place them in the corners. This not only keeps your house smelling clean but also has many pests running away from the house. Having lemon grass blades will also help you a lot in keeping the house smelling good while having lizards away.

Final Word

If you have sighted any of the lizards at home, then you may start using the DIYs mentioned above. Try them and make sure they leave the line of your sight. Also, run inspections from time to time to make sure that they have not left any eggs behind. These eggs may hatch and the baby lizards can be seen running all over the place.

If you don’t get any success from using the DIY ideas, you should call professional pest exterminators to take care of these pets. Several times, if you have other pests such as cockroaches, bug, or mosquitoes at home, the number of lizards grows automatically. This is in their nature. So, try and take care of other pests away too. This is why you need to have pest control services to help you with the same. They know how to deal with all of them in one single sitting. Just give them a call, and they will come and inspect the house for pests.

For more details, you can call pest control services in Delhi. They will help clear all your doubts and concerns and provide you with the best technique to get rid of the lizards.

Monali Swain
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