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Ways to Reduce Downtime Corporate Relocation

Monali Swain
Ways to Reduce Downtime Corporate Relocation

When you think about corporate relocation what is the first thing that comes to your mind? To have a safe bet it is planning and budget. Keeping these two aside you are also worried about the downtime. To pull out a successful office move and reduce unnecessary loses the downtime must be minimized. If your resources are not beneficial, every hour you may lose capital.

During a corporate relocation he prepared to face downtime as it not possible to avoid it completely. Here are some tips to help you increase efficiency by decreasing downtime while relocating with best packers and movers in the city.


The first thing is establishing a good communication. For smooth relocation communication is the key. In advance, inform the employees about the office shifting. This will allow them to plan their schedule accordingly. The dates and timeline for the relocation should be shared in advance to steer clear of any confusion. It is best to assign tasks to employees after forming teams. The main motive behind making teams is to accelerate the shifting process.

Make a separate team to organize and label the important documents or items, to help packers and movers move things without disturbing the elements. If this is done, it will save the time of the moving company in completing the move in time. It will also help the employees as they won’t have to spend time searching for the documents after the relocation. All over the downtime will be reduced.

Strategic planning

Strategy is an essential part in relocating an office. If you don’t plan strategically it will not only delay the process, but also you may have to incur heavy loses. Plan accordingly to calculate the expected downtime so that, you can take appropriate steps to minimize it effectively. Like for instance you can identify the dates on which downtime is expected such as client downtime or holiday seasons and plan to move at that time. This will minimize the downtime to a great deal.

Remote working tools

During COVID situation, employees learned to remote working. You could utilize that during the relocation also. Provide your employee with the access to effective remote working tools which will help them work from home while the shifting is taking place. You can choose from different remote working tools that are available in the market. Pick one and train your employees on how to use it, prior to the move.

This will give your employees a new-found flexibility of working from home and ensuring uninterrupted work decreasing the downtime during the move.

Relocate in stages

Don’t plan on shifting everything on one day, instead plan office relocation in various phases or stages. This is the most practical and easiest of ways to relocate the office. This will ensure that the employees remain productive all throughout.

You can start by shifting one department at a time. As the last department moves out of the old place, the new facility will start working in the new place. Hence, reducing the downtime during corporate relocation.

Monali Swain
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