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How to choose a machine vision camera

How to choose a machine vision camera

To choose a suitable industrial camera, you need to decide on the tasks that it should solve. As a rule, machine vision systems perform several important functions at once and provide control over:

  • quality of manufactured products
  • following instructions
  • taking readings of meters and other measuring instruments
  • all technological processes
  • by reading markings and expiration dates

It is important to take into account the area of ​​the room, the degree and nature of illumination, technological and climatic conditions. Certain work areas may require devices with specific features or a set of optional accessories.


When choosing industrial video cameras, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Angle of view - indicated in degrees and depends on the focal length of the machine vision lens. An excellent panoramic image can be obtained at a wide angle of view, and distant objects are better viewed at a narrow angle.
  • Focal length - it should be borne in mind that devices with long focal lenses have a smaller viewing angle. If it was not possible to make calculations in advance, it is better to give preference to models with the function of manual adjustment of this parameter.
  • Shooting speed - shows how many frames per second the device is capable of shooting. To control important technological processes, it is worth buying a high-speed video camera with the highest possible performance.
  • Resolution - characterizes the degree of image detail. This value should be higher for outdoor photography than indoors.
  • Sensitivity - represents the minimum level of illumination at which high-quality recording is possible.


When choosing between black and white and color industrial cameras, focus on needs, goals and objectives. In the first case, the sensitivity and resolution are higher. An additional advantage is the ability to shoot in infrared radiation. Color devices allow for more detailed control of production processes, but they are more expensive than black-and-white counterparts.

Any industrial video camera can be additionally equipped with a synchronization module, machine vision lens, recorder, mounting system and other components. All this can be purchased as a set. 

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