5 dream gifts for the street photographer


Christmas is fast approaching, the opportunity for us to give you the most beautiful gift ideas for your favorite photographers (or for yourself). We start today with the street photographer, as you prefer to call him. What accessories would be useful to a photographer in this specialty? Here is our small selection of  5 dream gifts for him or for her.

5 gift ideas for street photographer: basics for professional results

We made our selection on the basis of two premises: mobility and speed.

It is assumed that the photographer must have great freedom of movement, be comfortable and feel light since it is very likely that he or she will spend hours walking around the city and its streets. In addition, he must react quickly to every decisive moment that comes his way. This is the reason why we have chosen 5 accessories that will help her feel comfortable and shoot faster.

1. Handcrafted straps

One of the elements that can not be missing in the equipment of a street photographer is a strap but beware: not just any. A strap that gives you optimal mobility, comfort and great speed of action at the same time.

A wide range of straps is suitable for both male and female body, for binoculars too and even for hanging two cameras at the same time, which is really effective for the work of a journalist-reporter, for example, so as not to waste time when changing parfocal lenses.

The flash with an external battery for continuous lighting

Whether you work at night or just want more balanced and controlled lighting, even in direct sunlight, the flash cannot be missing in your equipment. This pack is indeed ideal for you to last hours in the street and that you are never short of lighting at the least opportune moment.

Light modifiers for cobra flashes

If you are a wedding photographer (or know someone who is), you probably know that there are small accessories with great features on the market that will give you dreamy photos in an instant. We are of course talking about light modifiers. They work using magnetic technology for very easy installation and removal. Once installed on your flash, they will allow you to dim, focus, direct or bounce the light easily. Make the most of the power of your flash!

A memory card with high writing speed

We have already seen three accessories that help street photographers to move with more comfort and to have efficient mobility so as not to waste a single important moment in photographing. Now, we will look at an ideal gift because of its speed. There is nothing like a memory card with high recording speed for street photography lovers.

Cameras sometimes have the capacity to take a large number of photos per second, but if you do not equip them with an adequate memory card, then you may not take full advantage of this virtue. And there's nothing better than being able to snap a quick shot when witnessing spontaneous scenes that often only last a few seconds.

5. Mini-tripod

This little gadget is currently the joy of thousands of users who have already purchased it. Many photographers don't bother with a tripod when they go out for street photography because it involves an additional load that you may regret in the long run.

The perfect gift for the street photographer

We know that the most important thing for a street photographer is to capture the decisive moment and that it will depend on him and his photographic eye. However, if ever there is anything that can lend her a hand in achieving her goal, we've decided to put together this list of bespoke street photography accessories that just might become her perfect Christmas present. We hope you have served as an inspiration and that this list of suggestions will be welcome to you.


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