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How Some Hand Made Area Rugs Are Made?

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How Some Hand Made Area Rugs Are Made?

Symmetrical knot:

Symmetrical nodes establish a line around each of the two meridians (bright yellow) to form a ring (marked in red in the figure). Between each row of Hand made area rugs nodes, the weft is placed on one or more rows (blue). Symmetric knots increase carpet stability and are commonly used for thicker carpets.

Persian knot:

The asymmetrical kernel is also known as the Persian kernel or Molina kernel. Sometimes the name is the staff. In an asymmetrical knot, the yarn (marked in red) wraps one warp (light yellow) in a circle and is slackened under the other warp. Between each row of nodes, wefts (blue) are placed on one or more rows.

Tibetan Knot:

The structure of Tibetan nodes is completely different from other nodes. Then wrap the long yarn (red) around the two warp yarns (light yellow) and then around the shank. When the weaver completes the entire row of knots, the loop around the shank is cut to form the knot.

Just knot:

A thick knot in Hand made area rugs means that the knot (marked in red) is placed on four strands instead of two warp strands (light yellow). Lines of latitude (blue) are placed on one or more lines. When knitting a rug with these knots, the job is done faster, but at the expense of knot density. Rugs are less durable ​​and may have a loose, fluffy surface. Sure, rugs are cheap, but they're not good either. The knot can be symmetrical and asymmetric.

The Difference Between Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional Rugs

A contemporary area rug can be a daunting task, but it's easier to narrow down to popular design styles such as modern, traditional, and transitional. You may not notice the difference at first, but it is important to understand the difference as each is unique. 

Modern carpet

Modern Hand made area rugs have a contemporary design and can be categorized as "soft" or "hard" by pattern or color. Their design is more westernized and very suitable for new informal families.

Modern rugs tend to have sharp contrasts and prefer elements of geometric, free-form, or abstract styles. While they typically use bold color choices and unusual design elements, modern rugs are very delicate and can also easily blend in with furniture and decor. Many modern rugs have only one or two colors and no intricate designs.

Traditional carpet

If you want to add elegance and sophistication, a traditional area rug is worth considering. Their designs date back to centuries ago and are described as beautiful and attractive, with intricate patterns and colors.

This design style is serious and usually uses a predefined range of colors. Most of the colors of traditional rugs are basically the same, such as brown, black, red, navy, brown, white and green. It's no wonder that traditional carpets, known for their beauty, are known for adding luxury and elegance to each room.

Transition carpet

Finally, the transition rug is a more casual style between traditional and modern. They often transform traditional designs into modern colors and styles.

This style incorporates the more classic themes of traditional rugs and often includes completely repeated design elements. The result is the perfect balance between comfort, classic and sustainable design.

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