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eLearning Course Not Working? Here Are a Few Fixes.

Lakshmi Puleti
eLearning Course Not Working? Here Are a Few Fixes.

Isn’t it true that we expect eLearning to be a huge winner? Why isn’t your eLearning course firing on all cylinders if this is the case? This question may have a more straightforward answer than you believe. A few fundamental issues appear to confuse eLearning practitioners regardless of their size or sector.

How Can You Make Your eLearning Course Work?

Learning Always Happens Both Ways

Nowadays, it appears as if individuals are creating two types of material. It’s divided into heavy data about products or services and fluff. Both are incredibly upsetting, and people are becoming better at recognizing when to leave as time goes on. Here’s a challenge for you: Did you approach the course from a giving or a receiving plus learning viewpoint while structuring and designing it?

The response is critical since it could be why your student is completely disengaged from the course, which would explain why they aren’t putting what they’ve learned into practice, or worse, why they aren’t even finishing the course. They will not accompany you on your journey if they do not see its worth.

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Experiment With Active Learning

Many business training materials are as dull as a rice cracker. It doesn’t have to be that way! Learners can become actively involved in their learning process by balancing passive and active content.

The term “passive content” refers to content that the learner only needs to consume. Passive learning content includes listening to a podcast, viewing a video, and reading notes. On the other hand, Active content encourages learners to think, solve problems, and practice their knowledge and abilities.

Have You Considered the Content?

We’re very sure your e learning management system courses are jam-packed with high-quality content, but so are

a lot of people’s favorite novels and movies. The capacity to digest something also testifies to its quality. No matter how valuable the material is, it won’t be regarded as good if no one can read it. So it’s most likely not what you’re offering, but how you’re sharing it.

Consider All Types of Learners

You only need to be trendy to create eLearning content that stays! Because it’s almost certain that students will have a wide range of learning styles and preferences. Some people are visual learners, while others prefer audio, and still, others prefer to dip their toes in the water.

The best method to incorporate everyone in the learning process and ensure everyone feels involved is to balance visual, aural, and kinesthetic eLearning content aspects. Present skills, information, and concepts using a range of videos, visual, and written materials and activities, such as branching scenarios and group projects.

What About Incorporating Recent Trends?

If you recall, your workforce is constantly flooded with information, as we described before. You want to make sure this doesn’t end up on their to-do-later list.

Because you won’t always be the one to express how important something is, exposing them to community chats or forums will allow them to connect with individuals who can help them see training as a way to progress.

How applicable is this training to their day-to-day responsibilities? Your students should never feel as if they are wasting their time in your class. Keep things as relevant and to-the-point as possible, and they’ll want to participate and stay involved.

What will happen, as we already stated, as a result of this? How soon do you think it will be? Your students are expecting specific things from your course. You must live up to these expectations.

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Be Unique

We live in a content curation world. It’s easy to pick the stuff that corresponds to your themes and call it a course, especially with a limitless supply of amazing videos, articles, and online resources.

Now, not all content curating is terrible. It can be pretty effective, and it often provides learners with a more diverse perspective and a fascinating set of learning activities. However, if you want your online course to take off genuinely, it must be unique


It’s hardly rocket science to create an engaging eLearning program that your audience will like. E-learning, when done correctly, can yield significant economic results by aligning with employees’ schedules rather than working against them.

Lakshmi Puleti
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