How to keep a French dog entertained and fit

Kayla Cheney

Indeed, the French bulldog is not distinguished by athleticism. However, this does not mean that it is not an active and playful dog. You can also look for a French dog name before bringing it home, like Great Dane girl names. Like all dogs, they need time to exercise, not only for health but also for pleasure and burning energy, as they love to walk, walk, discover new smells, new things, meet dogs, and so on. They can get tired very quickly, so don't make them exercise longer than necessary and exercise carefully.

Take your dog on a regular walk.

Like all dogs, French bulldog and Pug should enjoy taking regular walks to relieve themselves and move their body around and interact with other dog breeds. However, there is no set time, and it is recommended that you walk for 20 or 30 minutes each day. Alternatively, twice a day is enough.


Train the dog to be social 

If you are friends with dogs, you can meet them regularly to play with them and to shed your energy. Apart from the fact that both dogs are exercising, they will have a great time getting along. You can also play with the dogs you have in your neighborhood or go to parks that have closed dog areas. Please note that the Frenchie Dog is very affectionate.


Play games like searching objects

If you can teach it, you can have your French bulldog chase the ball and then give it to start playing again. You need to encourage your dog to bring it to you to learn this. You can even reward him with prizes for it when the ball is handed over to you. Many times they grab the ball but won't let it go. However, if you train the ball to reach you, they will enjoy a more pleasant time. If for some reason, you find that your French bulldog is not an avid soccer player, you can have fun searching for and bringing back his beloved toys.



Indoor games 

There is the perfect time to stay home for a while in winter and the rainy season and let our French bulldog burn off some energy and spend some precious time with us. Some toys are designed with intelligence in mind that can stimulate their brains. You can also take the opportunity to teach them techniques and commands such as sitting on their back, lying down, moving a leg or foot, and anything else you can think of.


Give healthy Food 

It is essential to provide your dog with a balanced, high-quality, nutritious diet throughout his life. This includes foods free of chemicals or artificial colors, top-quality meat-based proteins, and no carbohydrates. Not only does this help to delay and even eliminate the effects of age-related diseases, but it can also help avoid the constipation that dogs suffer from.

When your pet is fine and healthy, there is no need to change. If you are experiencing weight gain due to being less active, you can eat less and contain fibre by eating fresh vegetables or a teaspoon or two cans of fresh pumpkin. Instead of commercial dog food cookies, consider replacing your low-calorie, crunchy snack with slices of fresh green beans, fresh green beans, or carrot sticks.

Kayla Cheney
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