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Tips For Selecting The Best Sling Bags For Women in 2022

Jacob Smith
Tips For Selecting The Best Sling Bags For Women in 2022

Are you going off to travel in a few days and are looking for travel-friendly sling bags for women? Well, chances are, you are looking at thousands of options over the Internet and are confused about which one to choose. 

But don’t worry, we can help you find the perfect sling bag for your trip! After careful research, we have come up with a set of foolproof tips to help you find the right sling bag. So let’s get started!

Tips For Choosing The Right Sling Bag

  • Volume and Size

You must find the right size sling bags for your use. They are large enough to fit the essentials like keys, wallets, passports, etc. They can also be fit into larger backpacks, making them travel-friendly! Women mostly tend to lean towards smaller sling bags as they are easier to travel with. 

Also, make sure to check the volume of the sling you choose. You wouldn’t want a bag that’s too heavy because its weight will increase considerably after you pack in your desired items. This might lead to a bad shoulder ache, dampening your travel plans.

  • Sling Bag Profile

First, settle on the profile or shape of the sling you are looking for. You can settle for something cute like a circular one or choose something more practical like an oblong-shaped sling. While oblong-shaped ones fit the back and chest better, square or circle ones go better with every outfit. 

Again, you can choose between tall slings or wider ones. If you prefer to keep your sling cross-body style, go for the tall slings. If you prefer them to sit tight on your body, choose the wider ones.

  • Weather Resistant

Your sling bag will be your savior and companion through thick and thin. You will be carrying your most essential items like your passport, money, and cellphone there.

Thus, it is crucial to choose a weather-resistant sling. 

Make sure the item you choose is not too weatherproofed. This is because weather-resistant materials tend to be uncomfortable and won’t sit tight on your body, making it look awkward with your outfit.

  • Quality and Durability

Another important point to keep in mind is that the sling you choose should be of good quality and should be durable. Thanks to the rise in demand for slings, you will have several slings, from highly cheap ones to costly ones. While we are not asking you to buy the most expensive one, we would recommend purchasing the durable one, which is made of good quality material. This way, your one–time investment will last you for a long time, and you can use it anytime without any hesitation!

  • Fabric

One of the most crucial aspects of sling bag hunting is finding the right fabric you want. Sling bags are now available in various fabric materials, including nylon, leather, ballistic nylon, polyester, canvas, and much more. 

The best way to choose a suitable fabric for you is to research these various fabrics. Get to know how they look, how they might feel, and then start looking for a sling bag. You can also visit a bag boutique near you to get a first-hand experience of the fabrics. It can influence your decision considerably.

  • Functionality

The functionality of your desired sling bag will influence your choice a lot. So you need to figure out why you need the sling bag in the first place. Are you looking for something to carry your essentials solely? Or are you hoping to accessorize it with your outfit as well? 

If you want something purely for keeping your essentials, you can just get away with any sling bag with enough space. Again, if you hope to pair the bag with your outfits, you need to consider your style aesthetic as well. So opt for something that does carry all your essentials and matches your outfits in your wardrobe.

  • Straps

This might seem a little strange, but trust us, your sling bag’s straps are essential. These straps will be resting on your shoulders the entire time you use the bag, and you need to be 100% sure that they are comfortable for long-term use.

In this regard, we suggest going for wide straps on your slings. These provide more comfort and save you from a shoulder ache later on. Additionally, you can also choose detachable straps for easy usage.


Finding the right sling bag for women for travel can seem a little tedious. After all, this will be your trusted pack for fitting all your essentials while making you look cute and chic! So choose the sling bags that match your aesthetic, your needs, and have fun while you choose! All the best!

Jacob Smith
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