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4 Big Films, Relatable to People Who Have Social Anxiety

4 Big Films, Relatable to People Who Have Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a feeling of discomfort, fear, or worry based on our relationships with others, and it includes a fear of being negatively judged, evaluated, or looked down upon by others.

We do not need to cite statistics to state that anxiety is one of the most relating to mental health situations that disease modern society that affects increasing several people around the world, chances are that you know at least one person is struggling with this type of disorder or maybe you’re experiencing it yourself. It is so common that people see it as the new normal except for those who need numbers to set things into perspective. so that’s how the situation shows itself. since 2017 researchers research that at a worldwide level almost 284 million people have been suffering from an anxiety disorder, making it the most widespread mental health disorder. the data also point out that it affects women (4.7%) more than men (2.8%), it is safe to assume that these days numbers are even higher.

Being such a common issue, it made its way into every aspect of our lives, and it has turned into a highly discussed topic in recent years. once a ban, like all mental health disorders, now people are talking about it openly on social media and other platforms trying to raise awareness of this shocking pandemic. The problems are that people with anxiety must deal with are also reproduced on the silver screen filmmakers don’t shy away from approaching sensitive topics and there has always been specific interest in showing characters who struggle with the exact form of this disorder and that is social anxiety.

• Understanding Social Anxiety:

But what social anxiety is? still, there is the general misconception that people with social anxiety are just introverted/shy personalities but, there’s much more to it than being a little nervous around others. social anxiety is well-defined as a strong fear of interacting with people. it’s a permanent state/stage/condition of discomfort and anxiety that derives from constantly worrying about being judged by them or what others might think of you.

It is a fear that doesn’t do out on its own and will affect all areas of one’s life, it can become completely unbearable. there is no easy way to overwhelm it. you must fight it day by day and find ways to self-control your fears. going for therapy is the most effective way to treat social anxiety for many people. Others will be able to select to work on their own and read self-help manuals or practice mindfulness and medication. there are also those who take an alternative method like CBD oil capsules in Harriman Tennessee to help them cope up with the situation. The journey is different for everyone.

• Social Anxiety in Movies:

Sometimes, knowing that you are not alone in your struggles can bring a feeling of comfort and relief. there are lots of movies that spotlight social anxiety disorder, and while it is not easy to express it on screen, those who suffer from this condition will relate and maybe find a bit of comfort in them.

Here are four films about social anxiety that you should watch.

1: The king’s speech (2010)

This Academy Award-winning movie shows an exciting and anxious side of King George VI, the role played by colin firth who also won the Oscar for best actor with this role. it is both a torment and a pleasure to see how Britain’s ruler attempts to cope for the most part unsuccessfully with the fear of speaking in public and the terrible stutter that attends all his speeches. royals are simply people, just like the rest of us, and social anxiety does not care much about one’s condition. it can affect everyone without any discrimination. rather than sugar-coating things and moving the story in the direction of a complete recovery of King George VI, the movie is focusing on the coping mechanisms which helped the monarch regain his self-confidence and become a worthwhile leader despite his constant issues

2: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

Jim Carrey goes outside his regular hilarious personality and explores into a much deeper topic this time. the movie tells a story of a young man who’s no stranger to social anxiety and a woman who is totally opposite to a man free, wild, and extroverted. the two appear like an unsuitable pair and for every logical reason they really are completely unsuited for each other but somehow they still become a couple the contrast is striking Joel (Jim Carrey) is a man of few words likes solitude and doesn’t engage in social interactions while clementine (Kate winslate) is the perfect embodiment of strength and liveliness it is not a story of one character helping the other to overwhelm/overcome social anxiety but a realistic illustration of the complex interactions between two people with very different personalities.

3: Amelie (2001)

Almost one of the most loved generally anxious characters to style the silver screen, Amelie creates a colorful and interesting take on what it’s like living with social anxiety. Amelie (played by Audrey Tautou) is distant and stays far away from the madding crowd, but even though she decides to keep a safe distance from society yet, she manages to have a positive effect on people’s lives. while she manages from the shades and her small events take the lead to unexpected and positive results, she also goes on a journey of self-discovery. The second part of the movie concentrates more on her personal story and the progression of her character/personality showing her exposure and the process she must all through to become more comfortable with herself.

4: Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

For those who are recognizable with social anxiety, This movie will surely hit home almost every character in the film is publicly awkward, making for a very original comedy to watch when you are bored of all the conveyor-belt Hollywood comedies that control the screens these days there is no one in this story who would appropriate the bill for being normal and that’s the whole charm however there is one character that point of view is out from the crowd of misfits and that is deb (tina majorino), napoleon’s friend whereas napoleon can be considered as naturally awkward without any social anxiety involved deb is an overwhelmingly anxious young woman who can’t hide her social discomfort from all over the world.

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