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How to stop spam Emails | Simple way?

How to stop spam Emails | Simple way?

What is spam Email, and How to ensure that is spam?


Spam mail is an insecure mail that can damage your files and data from your Gmail account.

First of all, I would like to say be aware of this type of mail, I will teach you how to find this type of email.


This Sign of Spam email for Gmail users:


1. Every Spam email will be in your spam folder.

2. Why is this message in spam? It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past.

Report as not spam google would you suggest.

3. Many times a genuine mail is also gone in the spam folder.

4. Stop unknown person, stop unwanted emails, and unsubscribe that person also

5. If you are getting mail from an unknown site, a person (Report as not spam) please! don't open it and delete this type of mail instantly.

6. Inform the Google email team of that kind of mails

7. Create a spam filter to stop that.

8. Don't register spam sites.

9. Never reply to spammer mail

10 Use an alternative email address

11. Block third-party tools and extensions.


How to Stop-Block Spam Emails from your account



Note: Block Spam Emails can be like this on Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo account. Make sure first which types of email service you are using. Then follow the accordingly steps.

Why do emails go to the spam folder?



  • Sometime real and Important SPAM also go to the spam folder.
  • No permission to email (paid email, email list, create spam folder, collect genuine email)
  • If you are sending emails from a SPAM IP Address (it means you have sent already spam IP server much mail, so that's why there are creating this type of situation)
  • Low engagement Rates- Low open rates or read rates.
  • Subject line- Can SPAM act.
  • Internal opening link actions.
  • From information & Physical address. ( It should not be blank).
  • There should be an unsubscribe Link
  • It SPAM triggering words are used, Fonts are not clear


How to stop receiving spam emails in outlook 


With the advent of cybercrime, it's more critical than ever to keep track of what's good and what's spam. Outlook has a built-in function that helps you fight spam. 


If properly configured, it can be an efficient way to deal with junk email. It has the possibility of assisting in the defense against phishing emails from people posing as your bank.


If you want to fix unwanted junk emails in outlook, then follow these steps:


  1. Go to your computer or Phone Device 
  2. Log in outlook mail account.
  3. Enter login ID and Password
  4. Click the Spam email folder (Junk folder outlook)
  5. Find received mail and Unsubscribe it.
  6. Right-click on the received mail list 
  7. Click the mouse left option button, and choose the Junk option.

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