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How to go perfume shopping

Riza Geron
How to go perfume shopping

Just like shopping for clothing or shoes, there are some things you need to know before you start purchasing things you will end up regretting. It’s very important to know what you are buying and what source you’re buying it through unless your worth can only be compared to Elon musk, then shop away but if otherwise then here are some know-hows before shopping for a new niche perfume.


1)     Know the fragrance family 

Understanding what family, a certain perfume belongs to is important since it helps you narrow down to which perfume you’re exactly looking for.

Floral: if your love the way flowers smell and you love them, even more, when they’re on your skin then the fragrances family for you is floral. Lucky for you this is the most common family out of the bunch.

Oriental: looking for a warm aromatic scent? Something you can take to date or a special night out, then a highly recommended line/family of perfumes is oriental perfumes. Also, they are known to have amazing longevity.

Fresh: maybe you like going to the beach or you like something that projects heavily, so everyone around can sense your scent, try out fresh perfumes from the fresh family. This one is starting to gain popularity due to perfumes like Sauvage and aqua di Gio Profumo. 

Woody: only a person that was born to love the outdoors can truly fall in love with this perfume. This family has the richest and the most expensive notes. Although women can also rock this scent it suits men a lot better. However, this is a subjective opinion.


Taif Al Emarat: Provides Luxury perfumes dedicated to all these families, and all of them smell exactly like perfection.


2)     Watch perfume reviews 

Scent Room


When watching perfume reviews, you get an image of what a perfume might smell like off your skin and clothing. This perhaps will allow you to picture yourself wearing the perfume and if you feel like its matches your personal taste you might end up buying it. Perfume reviews really come in handy when you are buying perfumes from online stores. Also, you might fall into the rabbit hole of fragrance addiction: the action of watching so many perfume reviews and buying perfumes that start turning into a collection and you discover a new hobby you never knew you loved. So many perfume reviewers are non-biased but some are so don’t always rely on all of them.

3)     Get samples from retail stores

They say “Try before you buy”. Everyone should follow that saying religiously when you go over to Sephora you are bombarded with so many perfumes and you probably going to be told to test every single one of them by salespeople over at Sephora (who we all secretly hate and find too nosey), the problem with this is you can’t have an accurate test with this method, your nostrils will have a hard time in telling which scent they liked the most and which scent they never have the intention of smelling ever again. Luckily Sephora offers samples of up to three perfumes you might want to purchase shortly.

4)     Don’t fall into the trap of loving the perfume too early


 Perfumes have three different aromas the opening, the middle notes, and the base notes. When you buy perfumes we often think it’s going to smell the same way it smelled when we first sprayed them on for the first time, that is almost never the case unless it is a cheap fresh scent. However, if it’s a perfume that is known to be pricy and garners a lot of compliments then it’s definitely not going to smell the same as you go on through your day. So be patient and enjoy the depth and the breakdown of this perfume.


Ramasat perfumes: have some of the best note breaks downs. Each one is more lovely than the other.

5)     Find out the longevity of the perfume


it’s very simple the higher the concentration the stronger the perfume. What is concentration? The amount of perfume oil present in the fragrance. Eau de Fraiche about 2% to 3%, Eau de cologne 4 to 5%, Eau de toilette 5% to 15%, Eau de Parfume 10% to 20% and Parfume the strongest one with about 20% to 40%. Choose which concentration you want but make sure it lasts with you all day this way you can get compliments throughout your day.

Follow these 5 simple steps before buying a Gold perfume or an any perfume and might just find the perfect scent designated specifically to you.

Riza Geron
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