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Tips to Hire The Right Candidate More Quickly In Your Company

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Tips to Hire The Right Candidate More Quickly In Your Company

From sourcing candidates' CVs to shortlisting candidates to scheduling interviews, multiple tasks need to be performed to hire the right candidate in a company. Keeping this in mind, knowing how to hire the right candidate more quickly in the organization can help firms save time and avoid the costs of a bad hire.

We’ve listed the tips you can follow to ensure you are hiring the right candidates for a job at your company. Read on to learn more about them.

  • Form a proper job description

Before you begin the hiring process, you must be clear about the kind of expectations you have from the employee regarding the duties they shall perform. The job description must mention the day-to-day tasks that an employee will be expected to perform. It must not be vague, or it may confuse the candidate. Additionally, the candidate may not be able to perform the duties expected after joining the role. It will lead to a loss of efficiency for the organisation.

  • Create and use a hiring checklist

A job description is only one part of the criteria organizations have in mind while hiring a candidate. Every company has multiple other expectations about the kind of employee they wish to hire. Hence, create and use a hiring checklist to match qualified candidates against criteria and speed up the hiring process. This hiring checklist can include candidates’ educational qualifications, years of experience, verifiable references, etc. Based on this hiring checklist, the most qualified candidates can be shortlisted for the interview round.

  • Ask the right interview questions

Once the job description and the hiring stage have been completed, the next stage in the application process is the interview round.

The interview is the most important element while determining a candidate’s suitability for a job role. It allows an interviewer to ask in-depth questions about the candidate’s job profile. Moreover, a candidate’s career aspirations, skills, etc., are known during this stage. Hence, the questions must be carefully thought through and help achieve the goal of hiring the right candidate. In addition, asking the right questions helps reduce the number of interview rounds, increasing the speed of the hiring process. 

  • Check for cultural fit

Being skilled for your job role is one thing, and being fit for the role and organization is another. Therefore, besides having the desired skills, experience, and qualifications, the candidate must be a good culture fit for the company. If you wish to know if the candidate is a good cultural fit, note the following in the candidate:

  • Values: Does the candidate have values like honesty or open-mindedness and a positive approach?
  • Nature: Does the candidate have a collaborative nature, or do they hesitate to work with others?
  • Ideology: Analyze if the candidate has a progressive or a fixed mindset.

  •  Conduct a proper background check

If the right candidate is not hired, there can be problems like employee dishonesty, concealing of information, etc. Hence, after the interview stage, a  thorough reference check is performed to hire the right candidate.

A reference check is carried out by asking questions about the candidate’s skills after contacting the candidate's previous employers. The background check may reveal the candidate’s positive and negative attributes. Determination to work, trustworthiness, etc., are examples of positive qualities. On the other hand, dishonesty, lack of initiative, accountability, etc., are negative qualities. Reference checks make it easy to evaluate candidates’ traits and quickly hire the right candidate for the job.

  • Keep applicants informed about the application process

After the candidates have applied and the interviews have been conducted, keep the candidates in the loop. Inform them whether their application has been reviewed and let them know whether they have been selected. This way, they will know if the company is still considering them. If candidates are not informed about their job application status, they may start applying to jobs at other companies. The company will have to source new candidates in this scenario, delaying the hiring process.


Hiring the right candidates for open jobs at your company will be easier if you follow the above tips.

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