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Why the calculation of lumens of lighting is is necessary for us?

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Why the calculation of lumens of lighting is is necessary for us?

Often in the house for full-fledged light, only daylight is not enough, you have to resort to artificial lighting. And the correct effect can be achieved only with a competent placement of lighting devices, this provides normal conditions for the human eye, which means that nothing promises spoiled vision. When analyzing lighting, three important criteria are taken into account:

  • brightness;
  • the power of light;
  • illumination.

The most important is the last criterion, which is responsible for the area of ​​illumination. The calculation of the lumens is a big problem for every normal person. Deltalite solve your led calculation related problem.


Delta source is a leading company that stands for outstanding quality standards and making lighting products under the brand name “Delta lite”. Deltalite led lighting products give bright eyes friendly light with high lumens and CRI. Our expert team is always available to assist you for all of your queries about lighting for your home or any other place.

LED ceiling lights for home

There is no doubt that daylight is the safest and most comfortable for human eyes, but modern technologies allow us to create high-quality LED lighting that does not affect human vision and gives clear visibility indoors and outdoors.

So, what are the benefits of artificial lighting?

The variety of LED Lights has long been a surprise. Their long service life, good light output and low energy consumption have become a winning move of advanced technologies that successfully replace old incandescent lamps and even fluorescent lamps. The only drawback of such lighting elements is their relatively high cost. But if, for example, we compare an incandescent lamp and an LED lamp, then we can understand that the service life of the second one includes 2, or even three replacements of the first one! Agree, this is a weighty argument in defense of the price of LED technology. Also the LED Lights save bill cost by saving energy.


There are a number of advantages of LED luminaires:

  • durability;
  • compactness;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • absence of harmful chemical compounds in the composition of LEDs;
  • reliability;
  • environmental Safety;
  • high color rendering index;
  • the ability to use in places with high humidity;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • high level of light radiation, harmless to the eye.

Types of LED lighting

The LED lighting can be: point, local or general.

Spot lighting is used most often for solving design problems, namely, highlighting a particular area of ​​the room with the help of light. Such lighting is performed most often using compact, built-in LED luminaires.

Local lighting is used to fully illuminate a particular room, for example: a kitchen, dining room or recreation area.

The general is used to illuminate the entire area of ​​an apartment, house or industrial premises, office.

Artificial lighting in industry

Calculation of artificial lighting is very important for production and industry. After all, correctly calculated lighting of such premises, warehouses and offices has a beneficial effect on health, and especially the eyesight of workers. It improves the efficiency of workers and reduces their fatigue damage, and injury.

The primary task of technical lighting calculations is to identify the required power of lighting devices for uniform and full-fledged lighting of a particular room.

So, it is very important to understand the degree of necessity for proper lighting installation. Especially in industrial production, weaving workshops, etc., because not only efficiency, but also a high-quality result often depends on lighting!

Delta source
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