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8 Essential Kitchenware to Buy For Your New House or Apartment

8 Essential Kitchenware to Buy For Your New House or Apartment

It’s never too early to start shopping for your new house or apartment. Here is some essential kitchenware that you need to buy along with the basic home appliances. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to splurge on expensive products if you are still new to cooking. There are many budget-friendly and cost-effective options available in the market today.

Faucet Extender

A faucet extender is a device that attaches to a standard kitchen faucet and helps you extend the reach of the water by up to six inches. This can be helpful if you have limited counter space or are unable to stand up while washing dishes. A faucet extender will also help you keep your counters clean.

Beer Bottle Opener

A beer bottle opener is an old-fashioned tool that can be used to open beer bottles. It consists of a blade on the end of a metal handle that is inserted into the top of the beer bottle, and then pulled downwards. The blade cuts the bottle’s corkscrew-like cap and you place the knife's open end in your mouth, bringing it to your lips.


The apron is a piece of clothing worn to cover the body from the waist down. Aprons are often made of a cloth, but may also be made of waterproof material. They are typically rectangular or oval and are worn folded over the chest like a shirt.

Egg Separator

An egg separator is a kitchen tool used to separate raw eggs from their shell. A typical egg separator consists of a bowl-shaped tray, which is lined with fine wires. It has small openings so that raw eggs can climb up through the holes into an area without perforations where they are then removed.

Garlic Press

If you love garlic, this is the must-have kitchen gadget! Garlic presses are simple to use and make crushing garlic easy. Simply place cloves of garlic in the press, and start pressing down. The result is a smooth, finely chopped garlic product that can be used in many recipes.

Coaster Set

This coaster set includes 24 pieces that can be used to build different types of coasters. It is composed of 12 coaster kinds of wood (6 colors, each with 6 pieces), 4 coaster rails (4 colors, each with 4 pieces), and 1 coaster disk (1 color, with 1 piece). Plunger

A plunger is a device used for making coffee and other drinks. It consists of two parts: the handle in which you place your cup to fill it, plus the head that is attached with a tube inside. A scrap piece of plastic from an old ink pen can be cut into this shape-retaining just enough strength so as not to become more fragile when repeatedly inserted on metal gratings like coffeepots or glass drink dispensers.

Jar Opener

This is a very handy tool to have around if you need to open a jar that has been tightly sealed. With this tool, you can easily pry the lid off of the jar and unscrew it. It has a head that fits into the lid of the jar and an arm that wraps around it, grabbing onto both sides so you can twist them off.

wine bottle opener

This awesome wine bottle opener is made from a real vintage bottle that has been electronically restored and re-tuned to work like new. It's perfect for either indoor or outdoor use and makes opening a bottle of wine incredibly easy. Kitchen gadget! A make-up brush holder is a simple, yet effective way to protect your brushes as you travel. This nifty tool clips onto any part of the wall and can be obtained at most hardware stores or home improvement centers.


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