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How to Buy a Paddle Board

How to Buy a Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is getting increasingly popular worldwide, and for good reasons. For starters, it’s a good whole-body workout, plus it invigorating and connects you with nature. However, you can’t enjoy this experience if you don’t have a paddleboard that supports your weight. Therefore, we have come up with our guide to buying a paddleboard in Vancouver. Read till the end to know everything about this process.

Types of Paddleboards

Several types of paddleboards serve different purposes. Knowing why you are buying a paddle board in Vancouver will help you narrow down your options. Here are all the types of paddleboards out there. Figure out the one you want, and the subsequent steps will guide you further.

  • Fishing paddleboard
  • Surfing paddleboard 
  • All-rounder paddleboards 
  • Touring paddleboard 
  • Racing paddleboards
  • Yoga paddleboards

What Size Do You Need?

Next up is determining the size of your paddleboard. Most sold paddleboards in Vancouver are wide and thick because these boards are excellent for beginners. However, professionals prefer slim paddleboards. You can solve this paradox of choice after knowing how these sizes work.

A wide board will have more space and volume. As a result, it will be more stable on the water, but it lacks maneuverability and speed. Therefore, it’s the best choice for beginners. But once you learn to balance your paddleboard, you’d want something fast. That’s why professional paddleboarders opt for slim and short boards because they can cut through water easily and gain higher momentum.

Hull Type

Choosing the hull type is also a part of picking the right size paddleboard. This will affect your speed and balance on the water. Placement hulls are round on the front, meaning they sacrifice speed for better stability.

Displacement hulls are sharp and pointy. They easily cut through the water and give you the boost you need. If you’re a beginner, you should go for a placement hull. However, if you know how to balance a paddleboard and need to cover long distances, a displacement hull is your best bet!

Epoxy or Inflatable Paddleboard

Now that you have determined the type of paddleboard you are looking for, it’s time to decide between inflatable or epoxy boards. While the former is an excellent pick for beginners, the latter caters to experienced paddleboarders.

Therefore, if you are new and don’t have a dedicated storage space, start with an inflatable paddleboard. When you learn the ropes and develop more interest in this sport, you can upgrade to an epoxy paddleboard for better maneuverability, glide, and overall performance.

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