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6 Life-Saving Advice You Must Know Before You Set Out for Back Country Skiing

6 Life-Saving Advice You Must Know Before You Set Out for Back Country Skiing

Winter in Vancouver may not be as chilling as you think, but you could still ski in a good resort. And if there is a scope for skiing in a resort, you can also go for Back country skis in Vancouver, BC. Moreover, British Columbia has one of the best places for backcountry skiing. However, the enthralling sport may turn your happy vacation into a disaster. Therefore, you should be very careful while you set out to experience snow in nature at its finest.

This article aims to give you six pieces of advice you must remember whenever you go skiing out of the patrolled area.

  1. Start with an Experienced Skier

If you are a beginner and know little about backcountry skiing, please do not go alone. Backcountry skiing means going beyond the boundaries of patrolled skiing areas into the wilderness. Hence, you might not be trained to save yourself from accidents. It is better to have someone with you who has a more profound knowledge of such adventures and is exceptionally experienced. Ask as many questions as possible to get your questions cleared.

  1. Grab the Essentials

Next are the essentials. Though it is worth the adventure, back country skis in Vancouver BC are among the most dangerous places for skiing. Therefore, you should get the three most essential safety equipments that are right for you: a beacon, a probe, and a shovel.

A beacon is an electronic device that transmits and receives signals to other beacons. If anyone gets buried under the snow, you will receive an alert about their location. Use the probe to determine how deep they have been buried in the snow. Lastly, use the shovel to dig them up.

  1. Level 1 Avalanche Class is a Must

Before you start, get a level-1 avalanche class to avoid greater chances of accidents. The level-1 courses provide a base education for finding routes, mitigating risk, and ensuring avalanche safety. These classes are a must in your adventure.

  1. Be Aware of the Avalanche Forecast Before You Set Out

You might be excited about your back country adventure, but it is crucial to check. Be aware of the avalanche forecast and be assured of the current conditions of the areas you would be skiing. This reduces the chance of unfortunate disasters.

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Learning and employing it in real-life situations is a hell of a different thing. You might gather tons of information about back country skis in Vancouver, but you must practice within the boundaries. The more you practice, the better you get at skiing.

  1. Don’t be Too Reckless

Back country skiing is one of the most nerve-thrilling ways to enjoy winter vacations, but please be careful. One small mistake and it may turn into a disaster. Start with small steps at the beginning. Stay away from going for long distances all at once.


Wrapping up, you must get all the above-said things on point before you start for back country skis in Vancouver BC.

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