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Do Mud Tyres Perform Effectively On Snow?

Do Mud Tyres Perform Effectively On Snow?

Today’s drivers are fortunate to have a lot of choices of tyres. It was not possible to use varied types of tyres in ancient days. Drivers would drive with a simple and basic design of tyres. They had to drive on different surfaces without making any complaints since they have no other choices.

Nowadays, conditions are fully changed, car drivers are free to use tyres Longbridge according to their expectations and driving goals.

If we talk about terrain-based tyres, two main categories are available in the market. These categories are mud-terrain or mud tyres and all-terrain tyres.

Mud tyres are effective on an irregular road surface. Therefore, drivers prefer them for mud, sand and soil. Car drivers are generally curious to know about the efficiency of mud tyres on snow. Thus, it is necessary to discuss mud tyres and their performance level on snow.

Mud and snow seem similar. Thus, this curiousness is justified.

Undoubtedly, all-season tyres may handle a mild layer of snow on the surface. But, car drivers are not sure about the same when it comes to the performance of mud tyres.

Mud tyres are effective on snow or not will depend on the factors like the type of snow, tyre of tyres, and weight of the vehicle. Driving with mud tyres on snow is sometimes effective and in some cases, driving on mud tyres on snow is highly dangerous.

Why Do Experts Say That Mud Tyres Are Ineffective On Snow?

The reason for this claim is the basic design of mud tyres. Mud tyres come with deep channels that are effective to drive in muddy road conditions. This design is effective to keep mud away from the tyres to ensure better grip and traction.

It is hard to keep snow away, on the other hand, for mud tyres. If the tread channels are filled with snow, mud tyres will lose grip and traction to slip in the middle of the road.

You can imagine a bald tyre running on snow to cause serious skidding while you take mud tyres on snow into consideration.

How Can You Use Mud Tyres on Snow?

You can use your mud tyres on snow with the help of snow chains. These snow chains will allow your mud tyres to get a better grip and traction on snowy surfaces. These chains are effective to remove ice and snow from your tyres and your tyres comfortably remain in contact with the road surface.

However, before you put snow chains on your mud tyres, you have to look at your user manual for the necessary specifications. If your carmaker restricts you from using snow chains, you must not use them.

Where Do Mud Tyres Perform Excellently?

Thin tyres will sink in deep snow, and they would not be able to ride the snow effectively. On the other hand, mud tyres can ride the snow.

Thus, off-roading with mud tyres is a better option. If you have a plan to ride your vehicle on highways in the winter season, snow chains on mud tyres to attain good grip and traction.

What is an M+S Symbol On Tyres?

The symbol M+S means mud and snow. Mud and snow tyres are effective in cold conditions. If your preferred tyre has this symbol on its sidewall. It means that these tyres will not become hard in severe winter months. Moreover, channels of these tyres are better to channel extra snow away from the body of the tyre.

Along with an M+S symbol, if you see a mountain with a snowflake symbol as well. It means the tyre is very efficient in winter conditions. These tyres are called winter tyres.

Are All-terrain Tyres A Better Option On Mud?

You can choose better tyres for off-roading by looking at your driving goals. Are you going to use your vehicle on muddy roads most of the time? Or, you will drive your truck on smooth highways as well?

Answers to these questions will make things clearer for you.

All-terrain tyres are road-friendly. However, it is possible to run these tyres on muddy surfaces as well. On the other hand, mud tyres are specially designed for off-road conditions. They will wear out quickly on hard roads and they will create extra noise as well.

If you are not sure about your new tyres Newtown, you can browse the website of tyre dealers to compare the features of different tyres. We are sure you will be able to make a good decision based on your research.

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