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Why Should You Definitely Go For Winter Tyres This Season?

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Why Should You Definitely Go For Winter Tyres This Season?

If you belong to the United Kingdom and are a motorist, you must be so lucky! The UK has not experienced strong winter just like European countries have, for a long time. Snow is a rare case in some upper parts of the country. Otherwise, it’s all good!

But, do you think a certain type of climate is going to last forever, especially in this era of global warming and sudden climatic changes? No! So, you must prepare for the worst. 

Likewise, dear car owners, you should prepare for the winters too! How?

By getting winter tyres for your vehicles. 

Now, this is true that many drivers in the UK are unaware of what winter tyres are, their functionalities and what makes them different from regular tyres. But one should never stay in ignorance forever. So, this post is here to educate you all on what winter tyres are and why are they important. 

And no! They are not snow tyres. Many people mistake them for snow tyres while they look like your regular tyre, just with different features. 

Let’s read ahead to know more in detail. Also, get the best tyres Filey.

What Do You Mean By ‘Stopping Distance?’

Before knowing about winter tyres, it is really crucial to know about the stopping or braking distance of the vehicles. So, stopping distance means the cumulative distance of the ‘thinking distance= the time required by the driver to think, process and apply the brakes of the vehicle’ and the ‘braking distance= the distance travelled by the vehicle before it comes to a complete stop after the brakes apply.’

I hope the formula is clear to understand!

Braking or stopping distance is a matter of concern in the dry climate or on dry roads, but when it comes to wet and slippery roads, you must pay additional effort and significance to them. 

It may not be well known but your braking distance tends to increase or gets doubled when it comes to wet and slippery roads. And, it takes twice as much time to completely stop the vehicle as it takes on dry roads.

Your tyre type and quality also play a big role in determining your vehicle’s stopping distance. 

What are winter tyres?

It is a common conception that all the tyres look the same, so, their features must also be the same. But, if you take a closer look at the tyres, you would find some major visual differences between the summer and winter tyres.

The winter tyres have a tread design that is more interlocking in nature and provide interlocking gripping on the road. But the main difference is in their rubber composition, which is not visible to the naked eyes. 

This makes the winter tyres much softer in comparison to the summer tyres. The above feature allows them to have better gripping on the cold and wet roads in comparison to the summer tyres. But, you must use them below 7 degrees celsius, as their performance degrades above that. 

Aren’t all-season tyres enough?

You can’t judge the whole section based on one or two tyre brands. Although all-seasons tyres are good, not all will work the same. So, the answer would be no!

These tyres are perfect for the drivers who commute between cities, on low-mileage and on mild winter roads. But, these factors don’t match every driver’s driving experience. So, it would be best to get the perfect winter tyres for your vehicle in the winter.

But, if you are adamant about buying all-season tyres rather than winter tyres, you must keep the below points in check.

  • The tyres must perform better than the summer tyres in the winter season.
  • They should perform better than the winter tyres on dry climate roads.
  • Rolling resistance should be good enough to save you from spending a lot on fuel and gas.

Although all-season tyres are a compromise when it comes to a particular season. But if the above cases are on the list, they can be worth giving a try. 

But, when it comes to cold, wet and slippery climatic roads, winter tyres are the best and should not compromise. 

Are you looking for the best winter tyres for the upcoming winter season? You are at the right place, at the right time. We, being the best tyres shop and garage in the town, have the best tyres inventory in the town. We understand that having quality tyres is the most important when it comes to owning vehicles. 

So, call us now and get the best tyres Burniston

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