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Things You Need to Know Before Going to Snorkeling

Arjun Madhav
Things You Need to Know Before Going to Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the underwater world, making it a very rewarding experience. Snorkeling differs from scuba diving because of its simplicity as snorkeling requires only a mask and some fins while scuba diving requires heavy scuba gear. So, what exactly is snorkeling? Snorkeling can be defined as the practice of swimming through or on a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, swimming fins, and a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel. With your body submerged underwater, you can swim while breathing with your face with the help of snorkeling equipment.

In this article, we would like to provide you with some important tips to keep in mind when considering snorkeling as your next adventure experience.

1. Do an Equipment Check (Mask, Snorkel, Fins)

Equipment that doesn’t fit can be the worst nightmare of a snorkeler. When water and bubbles seep into your mask because of the unfit equipment it can cause you panic and hysteria. It is essential to do an equipment check before heading out to the open sea. It would be the best idea to buy snorkeling equipment for yourself if you are considering doing a lot of snorkeling during your trip. By doing this you can ensure that the condition of the gear is good at all times.

2. Breathe in, Breathe Out, and Stay Calm

Do a test run after making sure your equipment works and fits well. It is essential to get used to breathing out of a snorkel and swimming around in a pool can be helpful. Before heading out to snorkeling it's essential to get used to the feeling first. Swimming around in the shallow area of the beach can also be helpful. Practicing helps you to get used to the feeling of swimming around and also breathing through the snorkel. You can easily blow the water out if it comes in through the snorkel. It is important to remember to keep the snorkel afloat always.

3. Float and Not Flail Along

Did you know that snorkeling is more about floating than swimming?. Snorkeling involves a great extent of floating and the general rule is not to use your hands. It needs to be folded across your chest so that you feel warm. By using your fins, you can float, glide and direct yourself. Snorkeling is to be taken as relaxing activity so, swim at a pace that allows you to breathe comfortably. If you are flailing like a whale or is out of breath, then it's highly probable that you are doing something incorrectly. You can use any sort of floatation device to focus more on your breathing and stay more relaxed.

4. Choose a Good Location

If you are new to snorkeling it is strictly advised to not snorkel in a place that has a strong current. You can instead choose a place that has calm waters. Especially when it's your first time, waves can be problematic since it increases the effort you have to put into getting from one point to another. You can also go to a beach instead of jumping out of a boat as you can gradually swim towards a depth you are comfortable with. Choosing an interesting spot can help you best explore the vibrant colors and unusual marine life of the underwater world.

5. Relax and Enjoy the Experience

The best advice to any newbie snorkeler would be to relax as any sort of panic can create unpleasant situations. If you experience panic at any time, lift your head and float on your back. The beauty of the underwater world is inexplainable and the experience of snorkeling can be one of the best in your life. From snorkeling with millions of sardines to whale sharks to other underwater creatures, there is a vast pool of opportunities. Give snorkeling a chance. It is one of the best and easiest ways to explore the vast expanse of water that makes up the majority of this earth.

6. DON'T touch anything

Even if the most harmless-looking fish swims by you, resist the temptation to touch it.

Be it a sea anemone or a cute-looking coral, do not touch it. By seeing your fingers and hands, some of the marine life can feel very threatened, especially up close. Resist picking up and touching things. Always keep your hands to yourself.

6. DO get to know your surroundings

Get to know your surroundings before heading out to snorkel. Check for any strong currents or riptides with the locals and also check if there are any sharp reefs or rocks, etc.

Enjoy Snorkeling

Relax, be smart and enjoy the beautiful experience of snorkeling. You can find the best packages for Snorkeling in Kovalam, India. 

Arjun Madhav
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