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Which Industries Can Benefit From ISO Certification?

Sis certifications
Which Industries Can Benefit From ISO Certification?

The International Standards Organization (which uses the ISO standard international abbreviation) has come to the rescue for this kind of standardization work.

First, certification can be a source of credibility for your organization. In other cases, it may be mandated by law or by a potential trading partner.

ISO is a global, nongovernmental organization that works with experts to settle on worldwide guidelines for things like production, processing, delivering, and more. Its goals are to make products more viable, compatible, promote safety and offer best practices and procedures across the world.

Not all ISO standards provide certification options, nor does ISO provide certification. Certification is done through external organizations (even though the process itself is—you guessed it—subject to its own ISO standards).

The most popular ISO 9001 Certification is ideal for the following industries, in accordance with ISO Ready and QMS: 

  • Manufacturing – In manufacturing, most processes are repeated over and over continuously throughout the day. It is, therefore, even more, important that these processes are optimized to increase their effectiveness. Types of them include:
  • Automotive Manufacturers- General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, and others all demand ISO certification of their supplies for safety and quality reasons.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers- The specific requirement of a controlled environment in this manufacturing process requires exceptional processes.
  • Electronics Manufacturers- Assembling mobile phones, computers or TVs requires efficiency and precision.
  • Construction- Safety is of great concern to the construction industry, and the use of internationally recognized best practices may be ‌useful in industry. 
  • Engineering–Like other industries, engineering workers are also exposed to certain workplace risks that require security protocols.

  • Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

ISO Standards are not only for large market players. Small businesses can also benefit exceedingly from being ISO Certified. SMEs assume a basic part of the economy. Probably the best ISO norms to strengthen your SME and compliance include ISO 50001- energy, ISO 14001- environment, and ISO 9001-Quality. ISO Certified SMEs experience the more efficient product and service delivery.

  • Transport And Logistics Industry

In the transport and logistics sector, proficiency and quality are of the most extreme significance. Therefore, it is crucial to have a management system that helps increase efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of your operations. A portion of the ideal ISO norms for this industry incorporate ISO 22301 certification- Business Continuity Management, ISO 9001- Quality, and ISO 14001 Environment. The transport and logistics sector is prone to disturbances. Therefore, it pays to have a business continuity system.

Another famous ISO Certification is the one for computerized data capacity, laid out in ISO/IEC 27001 principles. Few Industries to be considered for ISO 27001 certification are as follows-

  • IT Companies- This one is the clearest and the most obvious since it deals with computerized data. 
  • The Financial Industry- This is required by banks, insurance companies, brokerages, and other financial institutions to act under various data protection laws and regulations and to prevent breaches.
  • Telecommunication–internet service providers and telephone service providers must also adhere to the regulations. Proper data management helps them provide better and faster service.
  • Government organizations–Government organizations tend to process highly sensitive data, and the best practices set out in these standards help ensure the security and availability of information.

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Sis certifications
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