Decoding The Differences Between Pit And Pit-Less Applications For Weighbridge Load Cells

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Load cells are unique weighing instruments that support industrial applications. A weighbridge load cell is a load cell variant that can help industrial users measure vehicles and their force. There are many weighbridge load cells available in the market. Top load cell suppliers sell high-quality weighbridge scales that work across the pit and pit-less applications. If you see these terms in a load cell manual and get confused, worry not! This guide will help you decode the differences between these two applications with ease.


Pit Type Weighbridge and its Advantages

A pit weighbridge’s mounting takes place in a pit. The weighing surface is on the same level as the road. The installation process is more time-consuming. Areas with limited space are suitable for installing a pit-type weighbridge. However, experts suggest that you avoid using pit type weighbridges in hilly areas where it is more challenging to construct a pit. The top advantages of the pit type weighbridge are as follows.

●       The absence of ramps makes it less space-consuming.

●       Pit type weighbridges allow you to weigh vehicles like tractor trolleys and rickshaws with ease since the platform is level with the road.


The choice of a pit type weighbridge often depends on the spatial constraints and the nature of vehicles involved in the process. However, these advantages are critical to consider while finalising the choice.


Pit-less Weighbridge and its Advantages

A pit-less weighbridge needs a ramp that leads the vehicles up a short distance to the surface level. A pit-less weighbridge is suitable for places with having a lot of space. Rocky or hilly areas need pit-less weighbridges for seamless weighing operations. Low-lying areas with the tendency to flood. The top advantages of pit-less weighbridge are:

●       It helps users avoid issues related to flooding and waterlogging.

●       The construction process is relatively more cost-effective.

●       There is no need to focus on pit maintenance tasks.


How to Choose a Weighbridge Load Cell that Suits your Needs?

Whether you prefer pit-type weighbridges or pit-less applications, precise load cells are imperative for efficiently measuring the force. You can use the following pointers while choosing your product.

●       Analyse the product configurations by reading the manual.

●       Match the load cell specifications with your application type.

●       Evaluate the protection class, load levels, and other critical considerations according to your usage needs.

●       Check if the product offers both pit and pit-less applications. Experts suggest that you buy a load cell that covers both pit-type and pit-less weighbridges. This strategy will help you cover all types of needs no matter what kind of vehicle or terrain you have.


Additional Tips to Streamline Load Cell Purchase

The following tips can simplify your load cell purchase processes:

●       Conduct in-depth research about load cell applications before buying the product. You must understand the different types and applications while buying load cells. For example, a shear beam load cell helps you measure compressive forces while weighbridge ones are better for weighing vehicles.

●       Assess your usage specifications and focus on the technical details

●       Consult the company representatives while placing an order for industrial use.

●       Evaluate the material: whether you need a stainless steel load cell or a nickel-alloy one.


These tips and facts will help you make the best choice while purchasing a load cell. Buy a load cell for your industrial use today from the top load cell manufacturers in Asia!

Sensomatic LoadCell
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