H-Beam vs I-Beam: What's The Difference?

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When we talk about connecting rods, most people believe that H-Beam and I-Beam are alike. They look pretty similar in shape and have significant use in construction sites. 

H-Beam is shaped like H, but it is shaped like H. It is a structured beam made out of rolled steel. It is considered strong, thus finding great use in construction sites as a connecting rod. 

When we talk about an I-Beam, we mean a beam consisting of two horizontal planes. These are known as flanges connected by one vertical component. It looks like the letter Capital I and thus derives its name from the same. 

Now that we have gotten in touch with the definition of H-Beam and I-Beam, it's about time we talk about the differences between the two of them. Here we go: 

Difference Between H-Beam vs I-Beam

  • Weight 

The first point is weight when discussing the difference between the two types of connecting rods. H-Beam is considered heavier than the two of them. It means that it can take more force. The I-Beam is lighter in comparison and can be used with buildings where weight and force on a wall may lead to structural issues. 

  • Centre-Web 

Since H-Beam is heavier, it also contains a thicker Centre-Web. It is often stronger and meant for more severe issues in a construction site. Meanwhile, I-Beam has got a thinner Centre-Web. So as far as the ability to take force is concerned, the centre-web of H-Beam is always going to be better. 

  • Built-Up 

H-Beam can be built up the way you would like it. When we talk about connecting rods, one option can be shaped as per your wants. You have to see the use of it and the requirement for size and height. But the case with I-Beam is not the same. You cannot alter its shape, size and height in any way. It has to go according to the Manufacturer's milling equipment. 

  • Spans 

There's a difference in the span of these two items. H-Beam can be used for spans up to 330 feet. Meanwhile, I-Beam is used for limited spans. The span can range between 33 and 100 feet.

  • Flanges 

With H-Beam, you're going to have too and bottom flanges that stick out. They're wide and long. IBeams are shorter, and they're not wide. 

  • Number of Pieces 

H-Beam has a bevel, which is where three pieces of metal come together. I-Beam is one piece of metal through and through.

So before you find a connecting rod manufacturer In India, it's better to keep these points of difference in your mind! 

Garima Global
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