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Navamsa Chart Prediction For Marriage

Ashish Chauhan
Navamsa Chart Prediction For Marriage

What is Navamsa Chart Prediction For Marriage

People when getting married always wonder if they will be happy in their married life, or if they will be compatible with their partner or not? Although there is no answer to these questions in the real world, there is many free astrologer can always help you get an insight into how your marital life will be. 

Vedic astrology uses the Navamsa chart of the couple to determine their success rate of marriage. That is why it is considered an important step before getting married. An insight into the Navamsa chart prediction will help you answer all your questions about how blissful your married life is going to be. For everyone, marriage is a huge and forever changing step in their lives. Therefore, we must have an in-depth read of the horoscope before taking any decision. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Navamsa is a divisional chart. Therefore, it is mandatory to check it along with the Rashi chart. The reason behind this rule is that since the Navamsa chart is a divisional chart, there is absolutely nothing a divisional chart predicts, and the Rashi chart does not contain. So, when we are checking both the charts, if no problem is found regarding any affliction or dosha, marriage will not face any problem. 

However, if both the Navamsa chart and Rashi chart contain some kind of problems, then the marriage will sure have to face certain ups and downs. That is why checking of Navamsa and Rashi charts goes hand in hand. However, for making marriage predictions, Navamsa is always prioritized and accurate.

Navamsa chart is not only used for making marriage predictions but also about the other major aspects of life like career, child, etc. However, it holds immense importance reading it before getting married. That is why it is given the name of ‘Purpose Chart’.

But how do you read the Navamsa chart? What is the process of reading the Navamsa chart? What are the various aspects we need to focus on while reading this chart? We brought you answers to all your questions regarding the Navamsa chart.

‘Lagna’(Ascendant) and the 7th house(the house of marriage) are the two houses we particularly need to focus on. Here, the Lagna stands for the desire of the person getting married. 

The 7th house in the charts is the house for marriage and relationships. Thus, it will give you all the information you need regarding your marriage like the timing or age of the marriage, insight about your marital life, and details and compatibility with your partner. Therefore, it holds great importance for reading in Navamsa.

However, we cannot get all the insight with the help of Lagna or the 7th house only. There are other houses as well that need our attention in Navamsa chart reading. Those houses are 2nd(Family and relatives), 4th(family happiness), 6th(separation. Litigation and legal problems) and 8th house(longevity of marriage)

We must also have to see here that 6th house and 8th house are the malefic houses which have negative influences on the lives of the natives. Therefore, if these houses are affecting the 7th or 4th houses or lord of these houses, then the couple has to face problems in their married life.

Moreover, any relationship formed between the 7th house in navamsa chart and its lord with the 6th house or the 8th house or their lords will turn out to be negative.

SOURCE : https://www.talktoastro.com/article/navamsa-chart-prediction-for-marriage

Ashish Chauhan
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