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Is your house interior in need of painting?

Gerardo Arguello
Is your house interior in need of painting?

There are many good reasons to get interior painting. Interior painting can make your house look more alive and different from its earlier look. Your house is where you spend most of your time so it is important to keep it looking fresh and new.

If you are thinking of selling your house then getting the interior painting done is a good idea as it can increase the value of your house and make it more attractive for potential buyers. This will allow you to sell your house faster with a higher price tag.

You can get the interior painting done if you want to change the theme of your home or simply want to change the color of the wall to give it a more modern look. Often people want to get their old houses renovated and getting the interior painting done is part of that process.

Hiring someone to do the interior painting for you is not going to be difficult because there are many companies that provide this service at affordable prices. Once you have decided on the right company, they will come and paint your whole house if you desire so. If not, then they can just paint one or two rooms for you.

Tips before getting interior painting

Interior painting is a process that can take several days to complete. Before you get started, you’ll want to prepare the surfaces and your equipment. Here are some things you need to do before getting interior painting.

  1. Clear the area of objects that would be in the way.
  2. Remove all furniture from the room, if possible. If you can’t move everything out of the room, move it to the center and place tarps or plastic sheeting over it. Cover floors with drop cloths as well. Then trim around the edges with a putty knife and painter's tape so that you don't get paint on it.
  3. Remove outlet covers and switch plates as well as hardware from doors and cabinets if necessary. Number them on the backside so you don’t forget where they go when reinstalling them later. Use a screwdriver if necessary to remove these, then place them in plastic bags.
  4. Wash walls with detergent to remove dirt and grease so that paint adheres better.
  5. Fill any holes or cracks with spackling compound, and allow it to dry completely before sanding smooth. Repeat this step if necessary so that there is a smooth surface for painting.
  6. Wash walls with TSP solution (a few tablespoons of trisodium phosphate in 1 gallon of water) or warm water and soap. The walls need to be completely clean and dry before you begin painting.
  7. Prime any patches or damaged areas so they match the rest of the wall — different types of paint absorb primer differently, so check the instructions on the primer can for drying times.

If you've ever painted a room, you know there's more to it than rolling paint on a wall. So before you dive in, spend a little time getting ready for the job. You'll save yourself time and energy down the road.

Infinity Painting LLC

Address: 30 Taft St, Hamden, CT 06514

Phone: (833) 724-6828

Gerardo Arguello
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