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Know the different types of attic insulation for your home in Los Angeles and their benefits

Jenny Richard
Know the different types of attic insulation for your home in Los Angeles and their benefits

Learn how many types of attic insulation are available and how they can be beneficial for you.

If you want to increase the performance of your roof and save a lot on energy bills then you need to focus on complete roofing protection such as attic insulation. You can save a lot of energy and money on the cooling and heating systems of your house with proper attic insulation. Moreover, attic insulation will not allow excess moisture build-up in your home, which may be the main cause of germ build-up and various health issues.

Let us understand how many types of attic insulation are available and how they can be beneficial for your home.


Attic insulation and their benefits:

Fiberglass batts Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is the most common type of attic insulation, which looks like clouds and cotton candy in texture. This type of insulation is very much popular among house owners. It is basically small slivers of glass fibers, which were originally made from sand and recycled material.

Fiberglass is eco-friendly as it is made from sand. So it is known as a renewable material. They are flame-proof and prevent the spreading of fire. It can shrink and collapse. Fiberglass insulation is sound-proof and helps reduce external noise. You can get it installed on your own.


However, there can be a risk of injury. The vapor barrier can be dangerous if inhaled. So, we recommend you wear gloves or a mask while installing this type of insulation. It can also help develop dangerous mold. Rodents can get attracted and stay inside this type of insulation.


Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blow-in fiberglass does not require vapor but has the same base material as fiberglass batts insulation. You can save more energy with blow-in fiberglass. It is energy efficient and it helps your attic remain air-tight. Hence, it does not allow hot air to escape the room and also prevents the cold air to enter your space. Thus, it helps your HAVC system to work less to save a lot of energy. It also prevents external sound to enter the room. This method is quicker and it makes the air quality of your home better thereby preventing any sort of allergies.

However, this type of insulation needs more attention and maintenance. It is also not easy to remove and you have to wear gloves while removing the insulation.

Blown-In Cellulose insulation

This type of attic insulation is typically blown using a blowing machine. However, the material used in this type of attic insulation is cellulose, which is made of recycled material like wood, newspapers, and cardboard. This type of attic insulation is blown in to cover any gaps in your attics.

This is eco-friendly as this type of insulation is made from recycled material. So, you do not need to make new products. They are flame-proof and they help in increasing the R-value. They also reduce wind-washing.

Cellulose is eco-friendly but the boric acid that is used in this type of insulation is dangerous to the environment. The blown-in method used for it bit messy. It can help develop mold, which requires continuous inspection.


Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is very much popular among house owners these days. This comes in a liquid form and is typically sprayed to set on the attics as durable foam. This type of insulation delivers high performance and has an increased R-value of 5.6-8.0. This type of insulation can add structural support to your home. This can fill up the gaps in your attics very well and hence is highly energy-efficient. There is no vapor barrier.

However, this type of insulation is a little bit expensive and this can lead to water damage at times. Hence, timely inspection is required. You can contact our professionals to get this type of insulation installed in your attics. The substance that is used to make foam can be dangerous at times. So, you need to wear masks and goggles while working with spray foam insulation.



Attics need to be properly insulated if you want to save on your energy bills. So, you need to insulate your attics with a trusted contractor. You can contact our professional attic experts who will guide you with all the required information. Moreover, they will suggest ways you can protect your attics to maintain its functionality for a long time.

You can check out the insulation services in Los Angeles by Attic Wizard if you want to insulate your attics recently. Our professionals will help you understand the right kind of insulation that suits your home the best. 

Jenny Richard
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