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Benefits of PHR ( Personal Health Records)

Satish kumar Goud Karrenka
Benefits of PHR ( Personal Health Records)

You might have come across (Electronic Health Records) EHR. For the uninitiated, EHR is a digital version of all your health information collected and stored at a healthcare service provider - Hospitals, Pharmacies, Diagnostic labs, etc. Now, what is PHR? 

Personal Health Record or PHR is a digital collection of your Medical records from all the healthcare services providers you have interacted with over time. In Addition to medicines and test results, PHR contains information about the trend of your vitals, nutrition, previous illnesses, allergies, vaccinations, hospital discharge summaries, and medication compliance. PHRs are private, secure, self-managed, and health professionals can add information to them. You choose and manage the information you share with your health teams. In short, one look at your PHR provides a health care professional with a holistic view of your health.

State of Adoption of PHRs across the world:

Efforts to introduce PHRs in the USA have begun as early as 2006.

The HIPAA regulations and the 21st Century Cures Act mandates that health care providers provide access to a patient's diagnosis information through web and smartphone applications.

The European Union has been working towards cross-border interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs) among its members. The first data exchange took place between Estonia and Finland in January 2019.

State of PHRs in India

In India, the adoption of digitization of healthcare services across various healthcare delivery practitioners is low. Even at adopted places, the medical records continue to be institution centric as the information is confined to that specific institution. In other words, your health records are bounded to the Hospitals/Pharmacies/Labs, access to your data is easily not extended, and you often end up struggling with paper-based record keeping. As a result, we leave behind islands of precious information without a way to combine and access them when they are needed the most.

The importance of PHR has been recognized across the globe as they offer benefits such as:

  • PHR helps create a patient-centric healthcare system in contrast to the present institution-centric healthcare system.

  • At a personal level, PHR helps you track your health and lets you monitor your health and symptoms online, and record how you are feeling.

  • Practitioners and clinicians agree that personal health records enhance the quality and safety of care while also improving the management of health information and clinical data. 

  • PHRs facilitates better interaction between patient and health service providers.

  • At a broader level, PHRs help public health experts to understand disease trends and better diagnose diseases.

In line with the adoption of digitization across various walks of life, the adoption of PHRs is only a matter of time. Increased awareness, healthcare literacy, and secure PHR applications would fuel the adoption of PHRs. The advantages on offer are too many to ignore.

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TinyMedic's modular solutions for Doctors, Pharmacies, Laboratories, and our integrated platform 'TinyMedic' adhere to HL7 standards for interoperability so that the patient's data across the healthcare providers reflects seamlessly in the patient's Personal Health Record Application.  

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Satish kumar Goud Karrenka
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