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Brother Ink Cartridges For An Amazing Printing Performance

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Brother Ink Cartridges For An Amazing Printing Performance

Using good quality cartridges is important to make sure your printer has a long life. If you have invested in a nice printer from Brother, using the right cartridges can make it last for a longer time than otherwise. Brother ink cartridges are proven to be of better quality and safer for your printer. The best and most genuine Brother ink cartridges NZ has to offer work flawlessly with all Brother printers. It even passed the testing of Buyers Lab in 2018 with a success rate of 100%.

So, for professional-level printing and the durability of your printer, you must always use genuine Brother ink cartridges. Following are some of the best practices that you can adhere to in order to ensure that your Brother laser printer ink cartridge has a long life.

Avoid Using Bold Or Large Fonts When Printing.

If you print with large fonts and too many bold words on your document, your printer will end up using more ink. Having small fonts also means that you will print everything using fewer pages. In the end, you will not just save your ink and paper but also help your printer have a longer life. The smaller the font, the more ink you will save. This is also more eco-friendly in the long run as you end up using far fewer papers than usual.

Proofread Your Work On A Computer Before Printing.

Proofreading your documents for grammatical or spelling mistakes will make sure that you don’t have to re-print the same copy again. This will help you save ink and give a longer life to your printer due to lesser usage. It is a good practice that can help you save a lot of cartridges in the long run. Moreover, this is again a good idea for the environment for obvious reasons.

Do Not Change The Cartridges Immediately When It Shows Low Ink.

Another interesting thing to note is that it is not necessary to change the cartridge immediately when a printer gives out the low ink alert. According to some tests, it is possible that your cartridge may still have somewhere between 8% to 45% of its ink when the low ink message first appears. So, you can continue printing as long as your print results are good. When you notice that your print results are not up to the mark and have started fading, you can change the cartridge.

Switch To Ink-Saving Mode On Your Computer.

You can go to printer settings and choose an ink-saving mode on your computer. You will find many options there and can go for the one that works best for your needs. Printing in grayscale is one of the ways in which you can save a lot of ink. Apart from that, you can also choose the option to print multiple pages in one sheet to save both paper and ink.

Preview Your Document Before Hitting Print.

Bet you didn’t realize that there exists a “print preview” option in almost all kinds of document editors so that you can thoroughly check your work before printing it. In case you are using Microsoft Word, you can go to “File” and then click on “Print.” This will allow you to automatically switch your document to the preview mode so that you can give it a final check before printing the document. This is a good idea as you will end up saving ink cartridge, and your printer will provide better performance over time.

Consider Saving Your Work As A Substitute To Printing It.

It is a good practice to print after giving it a thought or two. Sometimes, you do not really need a physical/hard copy of a document, and you might just make a soft copy suffice. Also, remember to save your document in the cloud or your phone before jumping the gun and hitting “print.” You can also use other storage solutions such as Amazon Drive or Google Drive to save all your important documents.

Fix Spotty Prints.

Finally, if you realize that your prints are spotty or streaking, clean your printhead properly before changing your ink cartridge. Remember that the printhead on cartridges tends to dry up if they sit around dormant for a long period of time. By cleaning the printhead, you will clear up any remaining dried ink, thus ensuring a long life of your cartridges as well as the printer.


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