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As urbanization is increasing at a significant pace, it is expected that the world is about to witness a hike in the population of cities. The cities and the suburb regions are about to see an addition of 2.5 billion people. To support such a massive number of people, the number of vehicles is also expected to see tremendous growth.


Energy and mobility are the focus areas that play a significant role in determining the transformation of the cities. The question that arises here is, which type of vehicle or energy fuel will be more suitable, considering the current contamination levels. To tackle this, electromobility is playing a huge role in maximizing the efficiency of vehicles and minimizing the effects on the environment.

Mobility is Changing

Electric vehicles have been revolutionizing the type and transportation, and the types of energies used to power the cars are also witnessing a significant change. Yet today, electromobility is considered the umbrella term for the current developments in drive technology and vehicles. It describes the path to the sustainable use of energy that makes a significantly less impact on the environment.


Electromobility adds value to the full potential of the vehicles without compromising sustainability, and hence the mobility of the future gets exponential benefits. According to research, 95% of the people driving an EV are much better for the environment than gas-powered cars. Even if the electricity emission is considered, an average electric vehicle releases less greenhouse gas than a standard gas vehicle.


Electric and Hybrid cars are becoming the new standard mode of transportation. It is because of the use of new better efficiency and less impacts on the environment. The gas powered vehicles release a lot of greenhouse and toxic gases, while the electric vehicles don’t.

What makes EVs so unique?

Electric vehicles are surrounded by a myth of being more costly than gas-powered vehicles. It is true but upto a certain extent. They have a high production cost, but the best part of owning an electric car can be seen in the low maintenance cost. The maintenance cost of a gas-powered vehicle can be much higher because of more moving parts in them. And thus, overall, electric vehicles can cost lesser than gas vehicles.


Electromobility has a great potential to lead the future of transport. The electric vehicles have a much more futuristic experience for the customers and maintain a rigid and strong body structure to keep the battery and motor safe. Another myth surrounds electric vehicles, which is related to efficiency. Electric vehicles are considered more costly in terms of travel, which is not valid, and EVs are more efficient in terms of energy utilization.

Mobility of the Future

One of the fascinating advancements is seen in electric vehicles' user experience and connectivity. While technological advancements are still in progress, there have been many changes in the drive and comfort of electric vehicles. Electromobility has a huge impact on the automotive industry with the increase in use of new technology and features that enhances the experience of drive.


The electrification of vehicles will create a massive shift in the automotive industry by challenging the previous norms of energy use. Electricity can also be made with the help of renewable sources of energy. And while the elements used to create such equipment can cause an impact on the environment. But overall, renewable sources of energy are a much better substitute for the sustainable production and use of electricity. Thus, electric vehicles can be a better option with the advancement in the use of renewable energy.

Design A Better Future

Today, with the technological aspects getting a significant amount of changes, the mobility of the future is also witnessing many changes. Indeed gas-powered vehicles can provide a better experience in terms of exhaust sound and speed. But, in terms of sustainability and impacts on the environment, electric vehicles have a better hold in the future. It is simply because of less use of a non-renewable source of energy. Every government is also trying to contribute to this by putting an end to the production of gas-powered vehicles in the coming years. Thus, the trend of electric vehicles will be the future and become the mobility of the future automotive industry.

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