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How to create ultimate home theatre with custom home builders?

How to create ultimate home theatre with custom home builders?

Home theatres have quickly become a must-have room for families building their dream homes. Whether you have a family full of sports fans or you want somewhere to binge-watch the latest Netflix series, a theatre room is an excellent addition to any home NZ. Deciding what you want from a theatre room before choosing your house design will ensure that your vision is brought to life perfectly. When working out exactly what you want your home theatre to look like, there are a few things to consider:

What size?

When starting to plan what size theatre room you'd like, some critical factors need to be considered. For example, suppose your family is looking forward to having movie nights and inviting guests over regularly. In that case, you might want to get many comfortable seats and find a way to fit in as many speakers as possible. However, if space is tight where you live, or not everyone has access to a more extensive area for home theatre seating, there are other ways that you can still accommodate this requirement.

Open plan or enclosed?

Do you want your theatre to be open plan or enclosed? A few factors may affect this decision, apart from personal preference. In New Zealand, both designs are standard, in Europe and the US – generally chosen on an individual project basis. Look at your floor plan carefully. You will want to avoid having the theatre close to bedrooms; do you have other TVs nearby? Will the sound carry? Do you live in a tranquil area when it comes to noise pollution? Talk to any building consultant about your options, and make sure you think about the space not just now but also later.

Choice of doors

While we can't help you make all of the big decisions, like what direction your theatre will go in, we can talk about something as seemingly insignificant as choosing a door. There is no limit to how many doors you can have installed with standard doors and options that include sliding or french doors. Smaller entrances might be better suited for standard doors, while cinemas with larger entrances could look great with sliding or French-style doors. Open areas are also great for entertaining and help set up furniture easier in side-by-side seating configurations.

TV placement

Trying to figure out the best way to mount your TV on the wall may leave you with more questions than answers. Thankfully, we've got our handy-dandy Game of Thrones DVD collection to help you grab a beer and your favorite character from the show as you step-by-step follow these installation tips that outline precisely what you need to do to have a TV mounted successfully. Yesterday was hard but today will be better!

Window treatments

When it comes to tips for designing a theatre room, one thing stands out as necessarily: ensuring there's an appropriate amount of lighting. Some people prefer darker spaces where they can completely turn off the lights to focus on the movie more, whereas others want the space to be well-lit and for other colors in the room to help enhance their movie experience. It all depends on what you're looking for. We can agree that both darkening curtains and full blackout shades can contribute significantly to creating the ideal environment, so it depends on your personal preference!

Before settling on all of the finer details of your dream theatre room, do your research. Create a list outlining products and equipment you'd like to include as part of your design and discuss it with our pre-start meeting as part of the overall process.

Now you know how to build one classy home theatre. Our builders wanaka and custom home builders, can help you with more doubts. 

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