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What to Look for in a Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

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What to Look for in a Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

There is a three-letter secret that is well-known among high-traffic venues, including restaurants, hotels, and offices: L-V-T. This stylish abbreviation means "luxury vinyl tile," not to be mistaken with the linoleum that Aunt Gladys had in her kitchen in the late '70s and early '80s. This isn't a gimmick; it's genuine trendy flooring, complete with all the season's greatest designs and cutting-edge performance and functionality.

Homeowners who are in the know are contributing to the growth of the vinyl flooring business by spreading the word that many of their favorite non-vinyl appearances are really LVT. The advancement in technology and the replication in the plank format of today's most popular types of wood, stone, and tile provide an uncanny sense of reality. LVT is also an excellent option for those looking to modernize their homes without breaking the bank. Are you prepared to learn even more shocking secrets? These are just a few of the most common applications for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in today's modern homes.

Wood-look LVT

Since luxury vinyl alternatives are just as realistic appearing, more adaptable, and simpler to keep than laminate wood graphics, they have swiftly caught up to them in popularity. Waterproof LVT brings the rustic, natural beauty of hardwood to wet places like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, where real hardwood would be a poor choice due to spills and dampness.

Laminate Flooring that Looks Like Stone

LVT's ability to imitate the look of beautiful, everlasting natural stone is nothing short of remarkable. Stone-look LVT is a more affordable alternative to real marble, travertine, tile, concrete, or brick flooring. In addition to being easier to install and maintain over time, LVT flooring needs neither dirty nor difficult grout.

Board & Tile Dimensions

The physical form of LVT tiles is one of the key reasons you may mistake it for the sort of flooring it resembles. LVT may seem like popular wood thanks to its longer, broader plank widths, while bigger, square vinyl versions can mimic the look of actual stone. Modern vinyl flooring may now be purchased in a wide variety of formats, allowing it to mimic the appearance of more expensive materials than ever before. LVT planks and tiles with a larger format provide an impression of spacious contemporary elegance.

Styles in Luxury Vinyl Tile Colors

In 2017, LVT trends will lean on sleek, luxurious hues. LVT allows you to get the famous dark espresso brown wood appearance at a fraction of the cost of hardwood. Gray LVT with a stone or wood effect is a great contemporary choice for flooring since it fits nicely with the popular gray color scheme. White marble-look LVT and coastal white-washed wood-look LVT, on the other hand, are also excellent choices if you want to give your guest and master bathrooms a more opulent air.

Because LVT flooring is so simple to set up, homeowners may get inventive with tile patterns and layouts by including angles.

Stripes, Checks, and Herringbone

Add visual depth and intrigue to your lengthy entryways, hallways, and bathrooms with the return of these familiar, traditional designs. Chevron points are made by angling longer boards in a certain way. With LVT, you may also quickly and easily make a layered, zigzag herringbone pattern.

Therefore, it's clear that the "luxury" in LVT is appropriately named. This flooring option offers a wealth of opportunities for homeowners and decorators to make their houses stand out. It's obvious that LVT's popularity will continue to rise as a result of its many positive qualities, including its durability, realism, attractiveness, warmth, and wetness. It's up to you whether you want to tell other people the secret.

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