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HP Laptop Screen Replacement in Dubai

Shophia Emerson
HP Laptop Screen Replacement in Dubai

How to find the correct display for your HP laptop screen replacement


When you decide to get your HP laptop screen replacement in Dubai, you must make sure that these three parameters fit the new laptop display. These three parameters are a must if you want to get your HP laptop screen replacement work like before. They consist of screen size, screen resolution, and connector type. 


Another way to get the right laptop screen is through the laptop's model number. You can find this information on the back of the screen display. For that, you have to disassemble your laptop lid. You can refer to the laptop manual or find reliable information online if you have not yet. Just keep in mind that the wrong display will not work for your HP laptop screen replacement. If you find the correct model number, you can worry-free get the HP laptop screen replacement perfectly compatible in resolution, size, and connector type. 


It is absolutely essential to know the size, connector type, and resolution of the previous laptop screen to get a new HP laptop screen replacement in Dubai. 


Screen resolution 


The new HP laptop screen replacement must have the exact screen resolution as the previous one. That is why you must ensure that the laptop model number is not compromised. The same laptop model often comes with a different screen resolution. 


Screen resolution is given in "width x height" format. If your previous screen resolution were 1600x1200, then the wide-screen aspect ratio would be 4:3. Standard screen resolution ratios are generally 16:10 and 16:9. 

 Screen size


The laptop screen size is measured diagonally and noted in inches. Standard display sizes of 9 to 17 inches are widely available in the market. To know the exact display size of your laptop, you can find out through the laptop model designation. If you wrongly use a screen size smaller than the original, it won't fit for HP laptop screen replacement. 

 Connector type


Your HP laptop screen replacement must fit the same connector as the previous screen. This is important as the laptop's LCD screen is connected to the whole laptop via the connector only. Every laptop's LCD screen connectors differ by pin count and size. Some laptops apply some unique connectors. But, the standard connector types are 30-pin connectors and 40-pin Touch/eDP or QHD+. 


Most of the laptops use a 30-pin video connector. This connector is applicable on non-touchscreen displays and supports a screen resolution of a maximum of 3840x2160. 


The 40-pin connector supports higher screen resolution than a 30-pin video connector. This connector is more modern and applicable on touch screen displays too. 


So, to get a suitable HP laptop screen replacement, you should look into more details instead of only the screen size. 




Laptops launched after 2010 mainly use modern and LED backlighting to support the display. This parameter is just a side factor. But it won't hurt to take it into account. 


After considering the parameters like screen size, resolution, and connector type, it is also essential to determine the type of display. The LCD panel display type must match for a successful HP laptop screen replacement. 

Shophia Emerson
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