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Key Reasons Why Web Design is Important

Yusra Sleiman
Key Reasons Why Web Design is Important

If people are given just fifteen minutes in terms of consuming content, then 66 per cent of people prefer seeing something that is designed quite nicely in comparison to something plain or bland. Even simple things have their own beauty and charm, but bland things just overturn things.

A website’s design is a key component of any business/brand/company's online marketing presence. Those seeking to build a better website for their business, need to understand why web design is important.

The reasons web design is important

A lot of professionals will probably think that web design is now for the birds because more than half of the world has gone mobile. However, this is not the case because not only is web 3.0 coming up but also, mobile users are also visiting websites.

How does web design impact the target audience and the business? Let us have a look at the key reasons for such.

It sets the tone for a worthwhile first impression

When visitors visit a website, this gives them the first impression of the business. Within a matter of seconds, they will judge it. In these very seconds, each business will strive to make a positive impact on the audience’s perception and minds.

A website looking outdated, unappealing, aesthetically unpleasant and bland will leave a negative impression of the business in the audience. Not only will they find the website not appealing but will deter them from it too. This results in missed out leads as they go to a competitor’s website.

This is one of the reasons why web design is important. It impacts the way the target audience perceives the brand. The impression the business can make on them can either get them to remain on the website and learn more about it. Or they can leave the website and go to that of a competitor. This is why a good web design can help keep the leads on the page.

It helps an organization in its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics and endeavours

A lot of web design elements and practices influence the way a business publishes content on its website. This in turn affects how search engine spiders crawl and index your website. This is something no organization can afford to overlook. If any website’s on-page SEO fundamentals are not up to the mark, then it will be an organization’s worst nightmare in SEO and digital marketing.

Apart from the way the content is published on the website, certain elements can directly affect SEO. It can be difficult to understand when businesses aren't familiar with the way it works, but coding for websites needs to be SEO friendly.

One of the best ways to make sure proper web design practices (and subsequent search engine visibility) is to partner with a web design agency that understands what they are doing.

Web design helps set a good impression for customer service

People can judge the way they are going to be treated by a business by examining their website. Their design gives them insight as to how the audience will be viewed. If no business puts any effort into the website’s design, then the audience knows they won’t do anything to help them as well.

The website acts as a customer service representative. If it is bright, lively, welcoming and modern, the audience will feel the same way on the page. The business gives the impression to its audience that they are welcoming and open to those who visit their website.

On the other hand, a website that is outdated and unappealing makes the business appear outdated, cold and unwelcoming. No one would ever check a business that does not value them enough to make a worthwhile first impression.

Businesses must think of their website's design as their digital face. If someone walks into their office or store, they would love to be welcomed by a friendly face with a smile, or at least courtesy. Similarly, a web design that is modern and updated is equal to the warm and courteous greeting most visitors to hotels, shops or stores receive.

It builds trust with the audience

No one can trust a poorly designed website. If they see that the website is badly designed or the information present on it is outdated, then they will never be able to trust it. Not only does it make the website look shady but also gives the impression that the business is just existing for no reason.

Let us consider the example of someone booking an order with a manufacturing company, of saying mugs and crockery.

Not only is the person spending a lot of money but also the website should be user-friendly, allowing them to make an order with ease in real-time. If the website is not converting trust, i.e. is causing problems in order completion and the like, they will hence look for another business that can help them.

On the other hand, a professional website is able to channel trust, in the target audience. They will trust the business and be comfortable in dealing with it, as well as check it out even more. It is hence important to build trust with the audience so they remain on the website. The longer they remain on it, the more opportunities a business has in obtaining worthy leads.

Well, the competitors are improving their web design

If businesses need a reason for why web design is important then here is a valid reason and that is; their competitors are already making good use of their web design. Those who wish to remain in the competition, need to update their website’s design.

No one can stand the competition with an old and outdated low quality website. That’s right, competitors will outmatch, outrank and outgun them with relevant ease; provided their website design is up to date.

A business with an outdated website will mean losing leads to competitors. The competing websites will attract more leads and will hence convert them into customers. This is the reason a website’s design needs to be updated. Businesses should set themselves apart from their competition.

When businesses are in competition, they generally have almost the same kind of services at the same prices. They have one thing setting them apart from the rest and that is web design. This well-designed website is a chance for the business to showcase its unique features. They can show the audience why they should choose that business over others.

Consistency is hence made

When a business is doing its best to obtain new leads, it builds its branding. The business will do everything to make sure the audience becomes familiar with the brand hence they choose that business when they are ready to convert.

businesses must maintain consistency in styles, layouts and fonts across each page on the website. If they have a different design on each page, this will make the website look unprofessional. It also presents a Herculean challenge to create brand recognition because the audience won’t know which colours to associate that brand with.

Lack of consistency in a website’s design will lead people to go to competing websites having a much more professional look. Consistency is key as it helps businesses get worthwhile leads and makes them familiar with the business. This leads to more leads earned and more conversions down the line.


Experts from an agency of web design in Dubai explain that web design plays a key role in the success of any business’s online marketing. If they wish to drive the best outcomes for themselves, they should invest in making a website that keeps leads on it long enough for them to be converted into customers.

Yusra Sleiman
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