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In 2022, Why are Shoppable videos so important for brand growth?

In 2022, Why are Shoppable videos so important for brand growth?
Consumers are demanding more snackable video content’ that is mobile-first, and the short video Web Stories is sweeping the globe.Brands can rethink one-dimensional online purchasing with Shoppable Videos.

The Evolution Of Video

Before we get into the mechanics of shoppable videos, let’s take a look at the primary customer need that is driving this shift: the tremendous growth of video.

#2 Youtube, popularly called the “video search engine,” is the world’s second most popular website. Only Google surpasses it.

To learn more about a product or service, 72 percent of customers would prefer watch a video than read about it.

Buyers admit that video plays an important influence in their purchasing decisions, with product demonstration films having the most clout.

Video has helped 87 percent of businesses increase website traffic, time spent on a page, generate leads, enhance sales, handle customer complaints, and develop loyal customers.

94 percent of marketers consider video to be an important part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, video is considered as a source of high-quality leads in 84 percent of marketplaces.

What is a Shoppable Video, and how does it work?

Interactive video content with a buy button is known as shoppable video. It effectively allows customers to view a movie while also making purchases from within the video.

What Are the Benefits of a Shoppable Video for Your Business?

The potential of video commerce is harnessed via shoppable video to propel business growth. Here’s how to do it:

  • When compared to a photo + text-description arrangement, it adds an interesting twist to sales, marketing, and advertising, which increases engagement. Consumers appreciate watching videos produced by brands to the tune of 99 percent.
  • By making your video content “shoppable,” you can streamline the sales process, make your products more accessible, and accelerate the buyer’s journey. Such a step could save your company up to USD 18 billion in sales revenue.
  • The use of native, embedded CTAs allows visitors to proceed with a purchase right away, enhancing conversion rates and reducing leakage. CTAs embedded in videos get 380 percent more clicks!
  • Videos are well-known for increasing engagement rates (by nearly 2x). When you include interactive components when exhibiting the goods, however, you will get a higher level of engagement.
  • Shoppable videos enhance brand loyalty and average time spent on your company’s properties. With shoppable media, Digitelic-powered brands have reported up to 9 minutes of additional session time.
  • You may use real-time metrics like engagement, impression-share, and conversions to measure, track, and analyse the performance of a shoppable video.
  • Brands may generate first-party data from shoppable videos and utilise it to enhance the end-user experience with better targeting.

How to Begin Using Shoppable Videos

Thanks to Digitelic Creation Studio, generating shoppable video content is really simple. Digitelic has created the world’s first enterprise-grade vertical video editing studio. Here’s a simple guide on using Digitelic to make shoppable short-form videos Web Stories.

  • With Digitelic Creation Studio, you can swiftly convert current footage into short-form vertical video Web Stories if you already have a video catalogue for your brand/products.
  • Here’s a brief approach to getting started with generating product videos if you’re just starting started with creating videos for your brands.
  • Create a web narrative experience on your website by showcasing your top sellers with clear, engaging video content geared for mobile-first users.
  • Include shoppable links in your videos to allow viewers to interact with your products without having to leave the video.

That concludes our discussion. The content for your Shoppable Video is now available. Allow it to be used on your website to boost engagement and conversions!

Business Growth Through Shoppable Videos

Shoppable Video ushers in a new era of consumer-centric video commerce, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out for various businesses. Given that today’s customers possess extraordinary influence in determining what companies should (and shouldn’t) do when selling to them, failing to follow their standards is no longer an option!

To make a long story short, the greatest moment to implement shoppable video into your marketing strategy was two years ago; the second-best time is now!

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