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Overhead Cranes: Most Beneficial for These 5 Industries

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Overhead Cranes: Most Beneficial for These 5 Industries

Let’s first understand what an overhead crane is. It is a machine utilized for lifting heavy loads from one place to another. A group of people or motor vehicles can also do this task. However, an overhead crane makes this fast, efficient along with maintaining the safety of the workers. 

Talking of which, these cranes have to be procured from the best crane manufacturer in India for ensuring the quality of the machines and the safety of the associates. 

There are many types of overhead cranes, such as single & double girder EOT cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and much more! These cranes are beneficial for various industries. Let’s look at some of them.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry requires cranes for many applications on the site. For instance, lifting heavy parts from one workstation to another, attaching two components during assembly, and so on. 

A jib crane is the most cost-effective and efficient way for the mobility of machinery and part for various applications in the automotive industry. It may be utilized for a number of tasks, including assisting with the lifting of completed wheel and tire components, shifting engine blocks to another table, and holding an air tool during assembly.


Overhead cranes are used to help unload the ships and trucks. They considerably improve the movement and transportation of huge things.

The transportation industry requires a double girder EOT crane the most. Loading and unloading heavy machinery or materials commonly require the utilization of this crane as they may be too heavy for humans to lift. 

Shipbuilding & aviation 

Modern shipbuilding procedures require cranes in prefabrication sections, where parts are assembled. Cranes are utilized in lifting heavy loads to these sections that are built somewhere on the site itself. 

Single girder EOT crane is the most utilized crane in shipbuilding as well as the aviation industry. Cranes are mostly deployed within airplane hangars in the aviation sector. An overhead crane is the finest solution for moving large and heavy equipment correctly and safely.

Construction industry

Construction sites have always been thought to be risky places to work. Cranes have become a necessary machine as a result of this. They are required in the construction sector to minimize the process of employees lifting heavyweights, reducing the danger of accidents on worksites.

The EOT crane has been effective in decreasing the risk to workers' lives by using modern technologies. It is capable of lifting both small and big loads. It requires less maintenance that is particularly advantageous in the construction business, where weight lifting is a common activity.

Metal Manufacturing

Cranes are essential for metal manufacturing for supporting various tasks, such as lifting light and heavy raw materials, lifting finished metal sheets, and more. The most necessary task where overhead cranes are required is to handle molten metal so that workers can maintain a safe distance. For these tasks, a gantry crane is the best type of overhead crane.

To conclude, almost all industries require some kind of crane at times. Above mentioned industries need various overhead cranes frequently.

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