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Single Girder EOT Crane: Machine With Most Benefits, Features, Efficacy!

Ganesh Crane
Single Girder EOT Crane: Machine With Most Benefits, Features, Efficacy!

A Single Girder EOT Crane, part of the material handling systems, is an option that is trustworthy and safe for a wide range of industrial applications. This crane comes with various segments, such as a hook, cable, drum, electric motor brake, and pulley, among other things. It moves along Gantry Girders that are attached to rails to move. The primary constituent of an EOT crane is a bridge girder composed of rolling sections such as U, I, and others. Each end carriage that supports this bridge girder gets equipped with two wheels, and hence, two end carriages in total. A wire rope hoist hanging from the girder gets supported by this bridge.

Single Girder EOT Crane is a practical option for usage in warehouses and other small industrial facilities. In some circumstances, you may also need to use it to treat a hot metal ladle. An EOT crane with a single girder has an ideal capacity of around 20 metric tonnes, and the system may span up to fifty meters. In this article, we have discussed various attributes of a single girder EOT crane and why you should choose this machine for your application. 

The Various Features Of A Single Girder EOT Crane 

Because of its small form and modular design, the Single Girder EOT crane is capable of lifting significant loads. Wire rope hoists of the highest grade get used in the single-girder EOT crane construction.

Standard features of a Single Girder EOT Crane : 

  • Design that is both lightweight and lightweight minimises the weight placed on buildings and saves space.
  • Designed for use in workshops with mild to medium loads.
  • Both motors are of the TEFC kind and feature class F insulation.
  • Cast-steel rope guides get designed to withstand enormous loads.
  • The upper and lower hook movements each have their limit switches.
  • A limit switch for the hoist can regulate a counterweight, which is another option.
  • VVVF drives are also given, as an alternative.

Single Girder EOT Crane Comes With Sturdy Construction! 

The Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturers suggest that these cranes move along rails that get erected at the top of the Gantry Girders or the crane runway. The majority of the crane consists of bridge girders that get constructed from rolled pieces. These parts include I beams, U beams, and fabricated box sections. 

The girder of the bridge carries two end carriages, each of which has a set of wheels. Wheel rotation gets accomplished by the motor gearbox components. Either a radio remote control or a stationary station hung from the wire rope hoist may operate the crane. The station gets suspended from the hoist. It is possible to provide the client with the option of having the pendent station move in a manner that is separate from the movement of the hoist. 

The Advantages Of Single Girder EOT Crane 

  • Single-girder EOT cranes are a cost-effective load-lifting mechanism. Lighter than double-girder cranes. One girder explains the low dead weight. They may use lighter runways.
  • EOT cranes use a single girder construction however, its components have been proven to last longer. The hoist's motor and gearbox are dependable. The faultless design ensures high uptime and minimum maintenance.
  • Single girders with torsional stiffness maximise height and space. Cutting-edge technology and materials make these cranes user-friendly. You may keep using the device with minimum maintenance.
  • The best single girder EOT crane can work with the existing systems without major modifications. 

Buy The Top Quality Single Girder EOT Crane! 

Ganesh Engineering is the top Single Girder EOT Crane Exporters In India. Primarily because of the quality product that we serve to our clients. Above that, we provide after-sales assistance to properly install the machines and train our client’s personnel for the effective operations of the machinery. For further information about our machines, visit our website, request the quote, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Ganesh Crane
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