Your Journey Aboard The Entrepreneur"ship"

Harsh Agarwal

You have chosen to set sail on the voyage of a lifetime aboard the entrepreneur"ship"! Your ship is now in the water and you are wearing the Captain's hat. As you set sail, you stand at the helm tall and proud. You are ready to hit the high seas, take command of your ship, and guide it steadily and straightforwardly on your destination to success. Your journey begins on smooth, clear waters. You steer the ship with much confidence and finesse.

Not long into the journey, the winds begin to blow. Waves roll in. Your ship begins to toss to and fro. Soon water begins to fill the bottom of the ship. As your ship slowly begins to sink, you begin to panic. You become unsure of yourself. A fierce wave grabs you and slings you over the boat.

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You are now amid the chilly waters holding steadfast onto a life raft. Where did you go wrong? How are you going to get back into the vessel and get yourself back on course?

As Captain, you are in full charge of your ship. You must climb back aboard, reclaim your ship, and get your ship back on its scheduled course.

You are not alone in these troubled waters. You are surrounded by other entrepreneurs who have at one time or another throughout their journey fallen prey to the winds and waves of the ferocious sea! We have all struggled to get our boats back on course, often paddling and rowing with all our might, wondering if we would ever again feel the calmness of the still waters under our feet.

Just when we thought there was no hope whatsoever, the clouds have opened and the sun has shown through. The waters became still and we have tossed our oars to the side once again. We raised our sails back into the sky and continued on our journey, seeking the ultimate destination for which we all yearn . . . success!

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As we grow our businesses, we discover that we become more in demand than ever. The calmness that once surrounded us in the early stages of our journey becomes overclouded by interruptions, challenges, and restraints. It has been said that "life is a journey, not a destination." If this is the case with our businesses, then we must learn some valuable lessons as we continue on this never-ending journey aboard the entrepreneur"ship".

Although our journey is continuous, it does not mean we will never reach success. It simply means that in order to continue in our success, we must continue on our journey.

Below are suggestions that will assist you in your travels and make your journey more rewarding:

(1) EQUIP YOUR SHIP with the necessary equipment and supplies you will need for the voyage. Always ensure you have what you need on hand so that you do not have to run out in the middle of a project to purchase supplies and equipment.

(2) TAKE CHARGE OF THE BARGE by developing a strong sense of leadership and management abilities that will ultimately come into play when it is time to make decisions and alter the course of your travels.

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(3) GO WITH THE FLOW of the current and do not bail out when the sailing gets rough. When the waters begin to rise and the winds begin to blow, do not fight against them. Sail through them by implementing good on-the-spot decision-making skills that will guide you each step of the way.

(4) THINK BEFORE YOU SINK by taking a moment to regain your composure, take a deep breath, and clearly implement your best strategy that will see you through the storm.

(5) SCREAM S.O.S. WHEN IN DISTRESS by asking for help from others. Whether you find yourself in a bind for time or whether you simply need advice from a seasoned sailor, never hesitate to ask. Often times, we must hire temporary, part-time, or even full-time employees as the voyage becomes more complex. There are even times when we must call upon experienced mentors or entrepreneurs to see us through the rough spots throughout our journey.

These catchy phrases will remain with you as you continue on in your journey. Remember, you are in charge of your ship. It is up to you to take command and learn the proper techniques of sailing through the waters, knowing when to batten down the hatches, when to raise the sails, and when to cry for help.

Your journey on the entrepreneur"ship" will take you for the ride of your life as you learn valuable lessons in sailing the waters of success!

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Harsh Agarwal
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