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7 Tools to Help You Out in College

Hannah Boothe
7 Tools to Help You Out in College

College life can be very demanding and time-consuming. There are many things that you will need to do in college, and completing tasks can be very tedious. But you don’t have to worry about your college life if you have the right tools at your disposal. The following are some tools that will help you out in college.

1. Time Management Apps

Many tools can help you manage your time. Time management app will allow you to do many things like plan your day, set goals, and budget your money. This app will help you manage your time and ensure that you are not wasting any of it.

For example, Google calendar is a very popular way for people to manage their time. You can set your goals and ensure that you achieve them.

Another example of a time management app is The Pomodoro technique. This app will help you track how much time you spend on different tasks and activities. You can also use this app to keep track of your money and budget for things like food, transportation, and other expenses.

2. Note Taking App

If you are in college and not taking notes, you are missing out on a lot of information that is vital to your education. Taking notes is very helpful for students because it allows them to review the facts that they have learned and recall them later on. If you want to take notes on your phone, many apps will do this for you. Examples of these apps include Evernote, OneNote, and Memorize

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is another great tool that will help you with your college life. This app allows you to store all of your documents and notes in one place. Google Drive will allow you to access them from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to carry around many things when you have the Google Drive app on your phone.

4. Referencing Tools

Research is one of the most important parts of a college education. If you are not doing any research, you are missing out on a lot of information. Many tools will help you in your research. The first tool is Mendeley, which is very popular and allows you to organize your research. You can access Mendeley through the Google Drive app. Another tool that you can use for research is called Zotero.

You can use a citation manager, from Petal, to cite, organize, and share research information. This will help to take up less time while writing your essays. 

5. Google Docs

Google docs are great for sharing information with other people or students in your class. There are many different ways to use this app, including editing documents and taking notes while taking a test or lecture. This app is very useful because it allows you to save documents as many times as possible without worrying about saving them yourself. After all, they will automatically be saved when you close the document window and chances of losing important documents are narrow.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is another useful tool that can make your college life much easier and more organized than it would otherwise be. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to save documents and pictures online. All you need is internet connection to access your documents.

7. Studying Apps

Another very useful tool that you can have is a study app. Many apps are very effective in helping students study efficiently and strengthen their memory by making sure they remember the information they learn while studying at college. For example, there is an app called Anki, which allows students to learn words in a fun way by matching pictures with words on flashcards stored online and offline on their phones or tablets. Another good app for studying is The Learn App which helps students study the material they are learning by taking pictures of the material and then matching them up with the correct information.


Many tools can help you study and learn more efficiently at college. You should use these tools and the methods mentioned above to make sure that you can stay organized, get the most out of your studies, and have a much easier time when it comes to learning new material.

Hannah Boothe
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