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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

When you have an online business, you need to have a strong social media presence. People continue to spend more time on social media platforms. There are even more social media sites that are specializing in certain niches, and that will encourage people to have even more social media accounts since their friends and family are already there.

It may look easy at first. After all, Facebook was invented just to keep schoolmates in touch. However, it has evolved into a multi-billion dollar platform with two billion members. This is no longer child’s play, and social media marketing in Singapore is one of the most competitive.

In this situation, should you have in-house social media marketing management, or should you outsource?

In-House Social Media Management 

If you elect to have in-house social media management, you have the benefit of full control. Also, you can keep the costs to a minimum. All you need is your internet and computer, as most social media registrations are free.

You may be enticed to boost your posts, as a way to keep up with the social media agencies in Singapore that may be working for your competitors, but the expense would still be manageable.

Any social media marketing agency would tell you that it cannot be done as an afterthought. You need to take time to formulate effective posts, monitor the trends and respond to queries and comments.

Is this something you can do? While no one knows your brand and products more than you do, the question is how fast can you learn the dynamics of social media marketing in Singapore. This means studying all the different social media platforms.

The Reality of Social Media Marketing in Singapore 

The people of Singapore value innovation, and it reflects in the successful social media agencies in Singapore. They can keep up with the shifting trends, and they know how to communicate with different audiences across different platforms.

This is not a skill that can be learned overnight. If you will manage your social media marketing, you may end up simply answering queries. This is only one aspect of social media marketing, and you would not have access to the advanced metrics that social media marketing agencies use to analyze.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 

When you outsource your social media marketing to a social media marketing agency in Singapore, you will get the following benefits.

1. Extensive Knowledge

Social media, just like managing keywords in SEO, is not as simple on the surface. You may just post your photos and videos, then sit back and wait for responses, but that will not bring the results that you desire.

Each social media platform has their own effective media. Sometimes, it’s a short video, sometimes, it’s a picture or meme. Social media marketing in Singapore has platforms like LinkedIn where storytelling is the best medium.

Social media marketing agencies would know what to post and where. There is a science behind it, and it’s not just guesswork.

2. Ability to follow trends

If you want to maximize the reach of your posts, you must be up-to-date with the current trends in social media. A witty, well-timed post in the middle of a trending “wave” will bring about unprecedented reactions and views. Granted, they may just be riding on the trends in the meantime, but it is one way to get your foot in the door and establish name recall.

3. Commitment to engagement

Social media marketing in Singapore is not just about views. This is the first step, and you need to follow through to convert it to actual sales. This is where engagement comes in.

It is a common tip from social media agencies in Singapore that your posts should spark engagement. However, when the reactions and comments come in, how fast do you react? Always remember, there are numerous competitors vying for their attention, and the social media platforms keep track of the pages’ reaction times. If you fail to attend to a prospective customer, someone else will.


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