A Complete Guide to the Mot Test of Your Car in the UK

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Every automobile above three years old in the UK is required by law to get a yearly MOT test and an MOT certificate in order to lawfully operate on UK roads. But what's the big deal?

For many car owners, the MOT Northampton test procedure is somewhat mysterious. Each year, you must drop your automobile at a garage or testing facility, then sit, wait, and pray that it does not result in a large repair bill. As a result, it is rarely anything to anticipate.

However, comprehending MOTs is critical when purchasing, selling, or transferring ownership of a vehicle, as well as driving safely.

If you don't have a valid certificate, you could face a fine, points on your license, and a driving restriction. It also has an effect on the price of a vehicle when you're buying or selling one.

So, in this MOT guide, we'll explain why it functions, what the testers will look for, and how to handle issues like missing your certification.

We even provide you advice on how to save cash by checking for easy MOT failures personally, as well as point you in the proper direction for finding a test center. It's called the definitive MOT guide for a reason...

What Exactly is the MOT?

When the MOT was initially launched in 1960, the abbreviation MOT stood for Ministry of Transport, the Government body in charge of highways.

An MOT inspection was really only required after an automobile had reached the age of a decade when it was initially introduced. Since 1960, that number has dropped dramatically, and the number of checks has grown as well.

The goal of an MOT is to inspect the vehicles on UK roads for safety, roadworthiness, and emission standards. It includes anything from small motorcycles with less than 200cc engines to the largest lorries. It is there to help you avoid driving a vehicle with a potentially dangerous flaw.

The government imposed tougher new MOT test criteria in May 2018, resulting in far more than one million cars being deemed "hazardous" by the end of the year. The tests are becoming increasingly difficult.

The MOT test involves a variety of inspections on various areas of your car to ensure that they fulfill the Driving and Vehicle Standards Authority's basic standards.

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is present and visible, as well as the security, legibility, and format of your registration plate (number plate).

The Mot Also Includes Inspections of:

  •   Lights
  •   Steering and suspension
  •   Wipers and Washer Bottle
  •   Windscreen
  •   Fuel System
  •   Horn 
  •   Seatbelts
  •   Seats
  •   Mirrors
  •   Wheels and tyres
  •   Brakes
  •   Emissions
  •   Bodywork
  •   Doors

Most of these issues are simple to check before submitting your vehicle for an MOT test. This means you won't even pay for recertification or repairs just because a light bulb went out or a windscreen wiper bottle ran out.

How can you show that you have a valid MOT?

You'll obtain a VT20 MOT Test Passing document once your automobile has passed its MOT test. The MOT certificate's design was modified in 2018 May to a new A4 form that lists any flaws and problems in a simpler and fairly easy-to-understand manner.

What Vehicles Are Excluded From the MOT?

Some vehicles are exempt from MOT testing. If your automobile is either extremely new or very old, you can escape the annual inspection.

Cars that are lesser than 3 years old as of the production of registration date. All of those are mainly new cars that are still under warranty, therefore they don't need to go under inspection. 

Classic automobiles that haven't been substantially modified' since they were built or licensed four decades ago or more.

What impact does your MOT have on your car tax and insurance?

It's not merely necessary to have a valid MOT pass certificate to lawfully drive your car on public roads. It's also important for other services, such as car registration and insurance. As a result, neglecting your MOT might have a cascading effect on your entire vehicle.


Is an MOT essential for your vehicle to be taxable?

If you want to tax your automobile online or even at the post office, you'll need to have a valid MOT. You must file a Statutory Off Road Notification if you are not driving or taxing your vehicle because it is off the road (SORN).

The most difficult situation arises when your vehicle tax and MOT are in the routine around the same day and the tax expires before the MOT gets over.

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