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5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Hearing Test in NYC & Audiologist Visit

Hear At Home
5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Hearing Test in NYC & Audiologist Visit


Optimum health is everyone’s requirement and our hearing capability is one aspect of our health that we need to take care of for overall well-being. However, there can be times when you will be feeling something is wrong with your hearing. This is when you should opt for hearing test to check for diagnosing if there is any problem. Here, we are listing ways on how to prepare for your hearing test.

Just like our capability to see, sense and taste, our hearing is also an important sense. Losing your hearing capability could be distressing and damaging to your overall well-being.

Are you sensing that your partner has to cry out loud and even then you are not able to hear them completely? Do you think that loud music environment and keeping your earphone or headphone at all times is damaging your hearing capability? Are you sensing that any medical condition or an accident or something like that is hampering your hearing capability?

Well, any of this could be true. So, how do you determine if you really have a hearing problem? Well, opt for an hearing test right away. And you don’t have to go to an audiologist’s clinic or office for that. This can be arranged at your home also.

However, this is not like any other medical test. There are several things that you must do to prepare for hearing test in NYC , or wherever you are located:

1. Create an Environment that is Without any Loud Noise and Silent

An environment where something or other is continually disturbing the surrounding doesn’t help the audiologist to proceed with the hearing test with full efficiency and to determine what exactly is wrong with the hearing capability. An audiologist will need to create a minimum threshold environment wherein you can hear the conversation and pure tones. A silent environment is what will help them ascertain your precise hearing capability and then proceed on to diagnose the problem.

2. Make Sure Your Ears are Rested Well before the Scheduled Test

It is important to note that you should give proper rest to your ears for about 12 hours before the scheduled hearing test. Do not expose your ears to loud noises, not an earphone, not a vacuum cleaner as such exposure’s impact could be there when the hearing test takes place.

3. Note Down Any Medical Condition You Have and All the Medications You are Taking

Medications, and medical conditions, sometimes have negative effect on our health aspects and this could be our hearing capability as well. So, list down those medical events and your medications so as to ensure your audiologist is well-informed and can proceed with the test accordingly. Even if you have a history of ear problems in your family, then this should be conveyed to the audiologist.

4. Clean Your Ears Fully

For right hearing test and for ensuring that your hearing capability is precisely examined your ears should be properly cleaned. Ensure to clean wax off your ears about one or two days before the scheduled test. Consult your audiologist beforehand to know what ear cleaning method would be right for you to implement.

5. Avoid Hearing Test When You are Ill

Illness of any kind hampers the overall health, and this is not the right time when you should be taking a hearing examination. Health ailments like colds, ear infections, sinus or allergies could result in fluids in the ear, which will cause the hearing test to not come out accurate.


When opting for hearing test, ensure to check for your insurance cover as well to ascertain whether that covers hearing test also. Even if it doesn’t cover hearing test, and in otherwise situation also, you can find experienced audiologist that provide free at-home hearing test in NYC, conducted by expert audiologists with full support afterward to help you gain optimum hearing health.



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Hear At Home
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