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Who Repairs Healthcare Equipment?

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Who Repairs Healthcare Equipment?

When it comes time to purchase new healthcare equipment, there are several things you need to consider. While at the top of the list should be that the equipment contributes to improved patient care, you also must think about what financial and logistical burdens will accompany your purchase.

Consider, for example, repair and maintenance. Medical equipment is like any other type of equipment in that it requires scheduled maintenance and calibration to ensure that it continues to function accurately. At some stage, your equipment will need to be checked over by a technician, preferably one who is highly qualified and experienced. The earlier you consider how to facilitate these types of factors, the more likely that you will purchase suitable equipment.

The importance of scheduled maintenance

Medical equipment services and maintenance is important for many reasons, from the perspective of patient safety and logistics.

Without maintenance, there’s little way to know whether equipment is functioning as expected. Your diagnostic device could be providing test results that are simply not correct, interfering with your ability to properly diagnose and treat conditions.

Regular maintenance also reduces the likelihood of a device breaking down completely to the point where you have to cancel patient appointments. This kind of situation can blow out waiting times, preventing patients from accessing the treatment they may desperately need.

Without scheduled maintenance, you may as well be crossing your fingers that nothing is wrong with your healthcare equipment and devices.

Who can repair my medical equipment?

If you buy your equipment from a professional supplier, there’s every chance that they will offer certified maintenance as part of your overall purchase. This is definitely one of the big pluses to shopping with an established company. You’ll never need to be concerned about the availability of spare parts or how quickly a technician can make it to your facility.

If your supplier doesn’t offer this type of service, ensure you hire a technician who is trained to manufacturer’s certification and only uses genuine manufacturer’s parts. Having anyone else perform repairs on your healthcare equipment may void the manufacturer warranty.

As a healthcare provider, you also have a duty of care to your patients that any repairs and maintenance carried out on equipment is of an appropriate standard.

Protecting your patients from the point of purchase

Ultimately, the best way to protect your patients and ensure quality care and treatment is by choosing the right supplier to purchase from in the first place.

Before finalising your purchase, ask the supplier about what types of medical equipment services they offer. Check how many technicians they have on their team and what kind of training they have. Confirm what type of warranty your equipment will come with and the level of support that the company’s service team will provide.

Conducting healthcare equipment repair and maintenance is part and parcel of running a medical facility. By partnering with the right supplier, it shouldn’t be a source of stress or concern.

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